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A separate question has to do with the PARKING BRAKE. The beeper stays on while I'm mowing. I figure it's a cable adjustment. I'm on pp 14-5 in the Manual. Maybe it's the PARKING BRAKE SWITCH. After all, this puppy was bought new back in '91 and I have my fair share of aches and pains at my age. How should I approach this issue?
Hello Robert!
I have a Honda HT-R3009 and the Honda Shop Manual. I'm on pp 11-3, CUTTER DECK. The exploded view shows the TENSION ROLLER above the TENSIONER ARM. My vbelt is wedged under the TENSION ROLLER and I can't quite figure out how to raise or get the ROLLER off the mounting post. How do I raise the ROLLER so I can remove the vbelt?
HI All , Im new to this site as i have a problem with my husqvarna lt151 transmission , i think its a gonna :cry:, what i need to no is there any other transmisions that will fit it apart from the one thats on it which is a peerless H 206-565 ?🤔 I cant seem to find a used replacement in the uk . Hopefull !!
I saw your post on your 290 and I have a 029 that I upgraded with a 039 motor. I found a place, they have an Ebay site but will also sell away from Ebay. Look up See-Saws-Run on Ebay. Fast Shipping and really good prices. You can email or call them and inquire about parts. Email: or phone number 660-988-0166 and good luck.

Re: your post on the Poulan with the kickback issue on pulling the starter rope. I have a Poulan P3314 with exactly these symptoms. Freely spins with plug removed. Kickback like a mule with the plug installed. I saw recommendations looking for oil in the crankcase, carbon in the exhaust ports, and frozen clutch/brake. None of those appear to be my issue. I did not see the final resolution in your posting..