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Hi Mark,

I tried attaching the service info for your mower, but even when I tried attaching half of the file, it says it to big to attach. If you want to share with me your email address, I could send it to you. FYI - I'm the Honda service manager for 6 NW states.

Best regards,

Jim L. (HondaTech)
Have clipper elite 6020, 1998,
it's a tank, want to keep the old girl runnning.
and looking for info on drives. K
Kohler command has oil leak on valve cover, going to try a new one, looks like it was distorted from over tightening. instead it probably only needed a new o ring.
I have the manual and the parts book. they are good for several models.
I think Oregon can supply the blades, still checking out.
You posted this on your profile. More people will see it if you post it under the manufacturer's (clipper elite? or Kohler) forum.
This problem has been discussed at length in either the Grasshopper forum or Kubota forum. It's a fuel starvation problem. Go over there and read about it or re-post your problem there.
If you had a fuel pressure gauge, it would NOT look good.
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Just registered on here once I got the problem. Thank you
I have a 721D Grasshopper mower that is having issues. After it is running for awhile the mower will quickly lose power and rev back up to full power. Sometimes it lose power all the way down until it shuts off. Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be? Guages all look good when it quits on me.

I saw on a tread that you had a LX172 PDF manual. Any chance I can get a copy of it? My email is stevensm @

Thanks so much Mark
link on the way shortly
Thank you so much. I bought our Lx176 new but have lost the manual and I bought an LX172 used and need to do some maintenance on it. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Mark
You wrote in a thread about this 22hp briggs surging.... The govenor is bouncing because the low speed metering circuit in the carb is not working correctly.

Can you elaborate a bit on that?
You would be better off to ask your question in the thread which you're discussing. That way others can learn, too.