Weedeater One (Mowcart 66) Friction wheel drive spring tension ?


Jan 8, 2019
  • / Weedeater One (Mowcart 66) Friction wheel drive spring tension ?
Hi ,

I've started a few threads on my recent re-build (pretty much) of a Weedeater One 2011. I've concluded that it had very little use and was always garaged by the elderly first owner, but when the middle-aged son inherited it, his kids thrashed it around as a go-cart (no cutter deck engaged), destroying the transaxle diff and flogging out the chains and bushes.

Project now finished with a new transaxle , new steering bushes, with plenty of grease nipples added to anything that has a bush ! The cutter deck had very little wear, so just put a new belt on. Mower goes well, but it is a treat me kindly machine !

I have noticed that traction to the rear wheels is not exactly neck snapping, but functional.

So, not having had one of these from new for comparison, does anyone know from owning a Weedeater One or Mowcart 66 to be precise, if the spring at the rear of the mower that forces together the friction disc (bottom of the engine crankshaft) and friction wheel (on the transaxle input shaft) could have become out of spec tired ? It would be an original 2011 item . Put it another way, is it common to have to replace the spring occassionally ?

The new transaxle did come with a new friction wheel, but I didnt replace the friction disc on the enginge crakshaft as it appeared to be OK.

Thanks for reading this and look forward to receiving some advice.