Throttle cable sizes


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Feb 4, 2017
Just recently had to repair a throttle cable on one of my tractors. The end broke off and normally I have old spare cables around that I just pull out the wire and reuse the old wire in the old conduit , put z bends on it and done. I find its easier and quicker most times than to replace the whole cable assembly.
But my spares are getting little to none. So that brings me to where you guys are getting your new inner wire ? I see there's also different sizes available, .058- .063 ect.
I know you have to know the flexible conduit size for the inner wire but I don't think I get into the larger sized wire, meaning .065 and above.

I guess I'm wondering too if there's more of a standard in sizing for the inner wire.? The 5 pictured below range anywhere from 0.054- 0.063 and all seem to fit the same flex outer conduit.
I would think there's not many sizes.? Would think there's only a few choices.