Spindle bearings 50" Silver Eagle


Jul 22, 2017
Are the bearings sealed on both sides? If so how they get grease from the housing into the bearing. Can anyone give me a bearing number to use for the spindles. UPDATE: 7/26/2020 The spindle units were out sourced from South America, Venezuela I was told. They are tapered roller bearings. The upper spacer is really a threaded adjustment for the bearings. There were 4 set screws, 2 of which screwed in to the shaft on 90 degree angle from each other. The bearings were standard sizes but the seals were metric and had to be obtained from a bearing supply house. Regular parts house had no clue about the metric size markings on the side of the seal much less where to find them and the Dixie Chopper shop suggested to just get the new and improved version of the complete spindle. Once the first one was disassembled the others were simple.
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