Mower Survey


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Nov 29, 2014
Well I hope you are a better engineer than you are a surveyist
Research is thee key and that is a lot more tham a superficial questionaire
IF you read the forum ( which you obviously could not be bothered to do ) you would have noticed that the bulk of the people who come here have ride on mowers so some dinky toy robot will not do the job.
If you knew anything about mowing grass you would know that grass cut patterns only last for a day or so after the grass is cut because the normal growth makes the pushed over leaves straiten up again so getting a robotic mower to do that on anything bigger than a 1/6th acre plot will be impossible as the cutting rate is too slow
Add to that the drag on the drives caused by the flap or roller that actually bends over the leaves would exhaust any availible battery in less than 10 mnutes

Dream on
Some times dreams do lead on to great innovations


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Sep 27, 2017
Ask this old House this week discussed EV chargers, levels 1 thru 3. Level 3 requires 400V to 900V commercial power (usually 3-phase) so it won't end up in many homes. Now the kicker that totally ended the EV discussion for me. Level one, that typically comes with the car and looks like a large laptop brick uses 110V - 120V AC single phase. It charges at about 2 - 3 miles EV running time per hour. Level 2 which requires typically a 125 amp - 200 amp residential service to power the charger and other things in the house like AC, stove, dryer etc., charges about 25 miles running time per hour. If you plan to take a 100 mile round trip, you will need about 45 hours of charging time to recover the car batteries with a level one charger. If you have a level two charger then it needs about 4 hours. This whole EV thing is dead for me because of that. It is good for down to the store and back transportation and nothing else once the electric companies start charging $$ for the power. I can't imagine what my electric bill would look like if I ran the dryer or AC set to 50F 8 hours straight day after day. These "automated" mowers etc., are going to end up in the landfill once their owners get tired of dealing with them. So being practical and knowing the information now about how slowly the EV stuff charges, that is how I feel about the survey. And no matter what anyone says, I end up replacing rechargeable batteries every 3 to 5 years no matter how I treat them. They just go bad. Unicorn theory is dead for me. Wish it wasn't so but that is the science of it. So take the survey elsewhere, perhaps in a commune of hippies living off their pottery sales who use goats to mow. an automated programmable goat would be a cute science project.
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