Just a hello and quick intro!


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May 8, 2021
Hi all, just signed up, and will be hoping to learn lots from this site. I don't have any real background in petrol mowers, at least not from a service / resto angle, but have always had an interest in most things with an engine attached. I have an old Hayter Harrier 2, which my dad bought new in circa 1985/86, and has since passed on to me. I have undertaken basic maintenance on it, oil, plug, filter etc, but that's about it, so far, and have used it to cut our lawn for the last 5 years or so. I believe it uses a Max 40 engine with a Walbro carb, and it still chugs away quite happily. I won't ever sell this mower for sentimental reasons.

I also have a couple of more recent mowers with B&S engines that were given to me for free. Both need work, which I'm looking forward to tackling, and since they owe me nothing and have no sentimental value either, I have no reservations about diving right on in and cutting my teeth on them. One is a 450 Classic 148cc, self drive (which doesn't work!) and the other is a little push jobbie with a 125cc? 450E motor. Expect various questions in due course...!