John Deere x304 snow plow questions


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Oct 5, 2016
I've got questions regarding snow removal with an x304.

I had a 1983 JD 212 & used it to push snow in my driveway, which is 25ft long, mostly flat &/or slight decline to the street. It has a 42" blade, wheel weights & TerraGrip chains & did a nice job.

This summer I upgraded to a 2011 x304 (with only 100hrs!) - smoother action & better steering to cover my acre yard w/trees. I don't plan on keeping the 212, so figured I'd get the setup for snow on my 304. I've done research & know plowing lots of heavy snow over years will be tough on the 304's system, but living in KCMO most of our snow falls are 2-4", maybe one or two per winter at 6-8" with 24" average total for an entire it's not like I'm in northern Michigan. I know with the 4-wheel steering, I can't have wheel have to do suitcase weights, or more than likely, rear buckets filled with sand (cheaper & more weight than suitcases). I can still do chains or TerraGrips for added traction.

So, here's my questions: Do you see any problems with this setup? Anything I should tweak or pay particular attention to? Lastly...I own the 42" blade from the 212....will this fit on the x304? I'm sure there's a bracket to make it work, right?

Thanks guys!