John Deere Riding Mower LX289


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Mar 25, 2020
yearly maintenance performed. Cranks easily, but blows continuous white smoke. Not planning on making repairs myself, but also not trying to go out during our local stay at home order. So, before damaging the machine, thought I would ask in here. No problems starting what so ever, cuts beautifully, just won't stop smoking... starts out heavy and lightens some but not as much as it should. Blowing more smoke than it was in prior uses.


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Nov 29, 2014
Check the oil level
If it is high drain the oil and remove the carb.
The float needle is not cutting off the fuel
Under new EPA regualtions you are not allowed to have a drip tube on a carb so it leaks into the engine diluting the oil in the sump causing you to change the oil twice & pull the carb off
Don't really see where that stops pollution.

Anywhat if the oil is OK then toy have a blown head gasket.
Easy confirmation of that is to rung the engine for 5 minutes , turn it off then pull the dipstick .
If you get smoke coming out of the dip stick tube the head gasket has blown between the pushrod tube & combustion chamber.
Neither are a difficult fix but getting the parts might be tricky.

Both of these will cause a lot of oil of oil fume out of the breather which is what is making the smoke .