Howdy folks


Jan 6, 2021
I'm Richard. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles that no one has ever heard of.

I'm no stranger to engines, I started wrenching professionally on cars in 1986 and occasionally on a lawnmower.
I bought a secondhand chipper/shredder and keep that running. Once in a while I have to help my brother with his riding mower.

What brought me here? A Google search. I got my answer. Later that night, I wasted a while surfing threads, and today I wasted some more and decided to join so I could see the images in some posts rather than just a thumbnail. And what did I need answered originally? Now I don't remember. :LOL:

I have a ten year old -- maybe eleven -- rotary mower that I bought when we moved into this house and had to deal with the lawn ourselves. It was the cheapest one they had at Lowes at the time and I've never been completely satisfied with it. The bag doesn't catch but maybe half the grass, the height adjustment means unbolting the wheels.... you all know. Last year the recoil starter broke and I almost junked it then, but it only cost $16 to replace the whole thing, so i did. A couple months ago the primer bulb cracked and so I was again tempted to dump it, but the repair was so cheap....

The other day I was checking nextdoor and the for sale/free ads popped up in my feed and someone was giving away a rear-bagging Snapper! It said, "Starts but won't run. Needs carb adjustment." I'm thinking, "Needs the jet cleaned out." I got ahold of the guy and left ten minutes later and picked the thing up.

It's pretty nice! Cast Aluminum deck, rear bagging, and the height adjustment doesn't require tools!

I popped a couple covers to have a look-see and quickly found the problem. The throttle cable was set weird and things were binding so it basically choked itself to death. Took me a couple minutes to fix it. The spark plug and air filter look fairly new, and I'd gamble the oil was changed in the last year. Anyway, long story short, the thing starts and runs sweet. It's quieter than my current mower. Doesn't smoke. It picks up grass and leaves and bags better. The catcher has some wear, but for the moment, some duct tape patches have that fixed. Not sure if I want to spend 90 bucks on a new one.


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Sep 18, 2020
Welcome Aboard !

I had one of those Snappers back in the 90's. It was a great mower. You'll fit right in.