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  1. PTmowerMech

    2012 Grizzly 300, I think

    The vin numbers that are supposed to be stamped on the frame (behind the left front wheel, are not legible. So I took a part number from the fuel tank cover and researched it. 1SC-F171A shows to fit the 300 grizzly. The customer doesn't have any paperwork on the ATV, so I'm just trying to match...
  2. PTmowerMech

    It's starting already "IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!"

    Two customers today with one mower they wanna get running. And in return, they have these other really awesome ones, with good "everything," They just need a little something something that I could fix, resell and make millions... UGH... At least that's how they come across. I know it's a...
  3. PTmowerMech

    What did I do wrong?

    Poulan Pro PP5020AV chainsaw. Compression at about 150. Good spark. Prime it, choke it, and it cranks and idles fine but bogs when revved up. Over and over, (having to crank it a dozen times or more) I finally starts revving without bogging. I'm opening it up trying to find that strokin...
  4. PTmowerMech

    917.275970 hub stuck

    I'm trying to get this hub off so I can replace a leaking axle seal. I have the wheel off and the clip. But this thing won't budge. I put some penetrating oil on it and let it set for about an hour. Then hit the center hole on the axle with the air hammer. And it won't budge. It was leaking...
  5. PTmowerMech

    Poulan 530036098 Throttle lock

    Seems this is discontinued. And no aftermarkets that I can find. I'll be OK with a used one.
  6. PTmowerMech


    I'm about to take a sledge hammer to this and this darn screwed up routing for a throttle cable. I finally figured it out. Gonna charge the customer an extra 1/5 hr for bringing it in already disassembled. He's probably thinking I'm gonna give him a 1/2hr discount. That is all. Tourette...
  7. PTmowerMech

    A good idea?

    For rebuilding his Honda ATV carb and replacing the fuel cock, my brother brought me a couple of 36" X 7' shelves. It's not taking long to fill them up. But while trying to do some organizing yesterday, I was trying to find something to hold Stihl and other brands screws and what nots in. Small...
  8. PTmowerMech

    Tec, AV520 on a digger

    Earthquake digger, M# 9000 with a Tecumseh AV520. If a two cycle comes in the shop with 100lbs or less, I don't normally mess with them. But this one is bigger. Looks almost like a 4cycle. It takes 24:1 mix. I'm only getting about 87lbs of compression. From what little I can see down in the...
  9. PTmowerMech

    Ironton Gen. DF400H-3410

    Has a Chonda engine on it. Was getting about 183V out of the 120v plug. So I removed the adjustment screw completely, and am still getting 130V at about 1650RPM's. I've seen bad AVR's that won't produce any volts. Or IIRC, not enough. But never seen one put out too much. Is this even...
  10. PTmowerMech

    Who else does this?

    On those mower decks with the 5 or 6 star, regularly you get one in where the blade wasn't put on right. and so the star on the spindle is mushroomed. Sometimes beyond repaid. Other times, it not so bad that you can't take a dremel and deburr the edges, so that the blade fits again. That's what...
  11. PTmowerMech

    13AM775S058 Loose new belt

    I've put a new deck belt on this and the belt still sticks out in front of the drive pulley 2" with the deck disengaged. . IIRC, it's ok for one to stick out 1". The only belt adjustment on this would be the front height leveling rod. Inspecting the pulleys, drive, spindle and idlers, they...
  12. PTmowerMech

    Anyone know about Honda 350ES fuel solenoid?

    This being a mower forum, this may not be the place to ask this question. My brothers 4 wheeler (about a 2005) runs for a few minutes (some times as much as 20 minutes) then dies instantly. Like someone shut the switch off. I noticed the wires from the bottom of the carb are cut off and taped...
  13. PTmowerMech

    Checking for correct part number for KM55R crank seal

    I'm coming up with a 9639 003 1230. Yesterday, i came up with another number.
  14. PTmowerMech

    More tools. WOO HOO

    Dear Santa Claus........ Define "naughty." LOL What I want next...
  15. PTmowerMech

    A little something about primers and check valves.

    I'm not sure if this is an actual fix or not. I'm just now trying it. The carb I'm working on now, C1QS186B, wasn't priming before. Also bogging down at WOT. The metering diaphragm was about 1/2 hard & soft. Long story short, I US cleaned it, then rebuilt it. And it still won't prime...
  16. PTmowerMech

    Ordering extra's just doesn't work

    So a month ago, I had a couple of good weeks, so I ordered some extra parts, to help build up my inventory. Well this week, and actually almost every week since, Seems none of the extra's I ordered, were nothing I needed. Always some odd ball carbs and things of that nature. This past week, it...
  17. PTmowerMech

    GCV 160

    On a Husqvarna push mower (HU8004) I've cleaned the carb 2 or 3 times now. (two good long soakings in the US cleaner). I'm getting a slow surging. When it starts, it runs great for at least 5 seconds, then surges, blows a little black smoke, then rev's up again for another 5 seconds. After a...
  18. PTmowerMech

    ID needed for this blower

    So far I've counted 2 coats of paint and still no stickers. Anyone know if this is really a PB200? I'm gonna need a carb kit and a air filter housing. I've checked visible places on the engine for the S#. But don't see anything etched. And no stickers. Also the carb must be an aftermarket...
  19. PTmowerMech

    Recoil spring roller upper in seconds

    Roller upper? LMAO.. Some of you may have seen this already. I just took a 1/4 allen bit, cut a small grove through the center of it, about 1/4" deep. Then cleaned off the burs with a wire wheel. Then attached it to my 1/4 impact. Screwed a screw into a flat wood surface, to hook the outside...
  20. PTmowerMech

    ISO a hustler 552567

    Hustler Raptor 933127 with the Kaw engine. I can't seem to find this part anywhere. The closest thing I've found was a whole set. Anyone know where to get Hustler parts, for someone who's not tied in with Hustler? My local dealer doesn't have it in stock and says it'll be over a week before...