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  1. Richie F

    Using Engine Restorer on older Briggs engine.

    I have a 12 hp single cylinder Briggs on my 1988 MTD Yardman ride on. Engine runs good but there was oil smoke when shutting it off. As a test bought the product Engine Restorer (small bottle). Changed the oil and put 2 oz in it. (1 qt. crankcase). Mowed the lawn two times and still saw some...
  2. Richie F

    Headlight socket question

    Searching the web I can't find an answer. Maybe someone has done this to upgrade the sockets. My machine (131650000) has the these: Can newer type replace them ? Thanks
  3. Richie F

    Yard machine fuel tank capacity

    Being I have a 1988 yard machine finding the correct info for it is rough, Basically what does the fuel tank hold ? This machine is a 12hp Briggs with a 42 inch deck. Thanks.
  4. Richie F

    Why do ride on mowers have a 20 amp fuse ?

    Fixing up a 1988 MTD Yard Machine and there is a 7.5 amp fuse in it. Any electrical diagram always shows a 20 amp fuse. Machine starts and runs fine. The only thing I can Google and find is, if there is a short somewhere in the wiring it will blow. So why must it be a 20 amp when the 7.5 does...
  5. Richie F

    Understanding early MTD ride on info sticker

    I have a 1988 Yard Machine, contacted MTD tech line and a person educated me on the sticker. My machine has a permanent sticker by the battery box not on the bottom of the seat. It reads Lot# 131 Model# 650G0007 Date E 11/88 The model number is actually 131650G. The 0007 was the dealer who...
  6. Richie F

    Deck removal question for 1988 Yard Machine

    I believe I have a Model 860 which is a 12/42. Any info I found didn't make sense on how to remove the deck. To remove mine I had to pull 8 retainer clips and a shaft on the back of the deck. Does anybody have any written info on the correct way to do this ? Thanks
  7. Richie F

    !988 12hp Biggs wire connection.

    Trying to piece a lawn mower back together with a Briggs 12hp. Model# 281707 Type# 0411-01 The duel lead wire was cut off from the stator but the lug for it is still on the mower. Pig tail 3" ? Found info that states there is a diode. One wire is to charge the battery and the other is for the...
  8. Richie F

    What battery size? 1U is too big.

    Picked up a Yard Machine that needs work. The only info I found was a sticker, not on the underside of the seat, but where the battery drops in. Sticker info: MTD lot# 131 model# 650G0007 Date E 11-88 (5-11-88) I picked up a 1U battery and it's bigger than the battery tray. Measured the tray...
  9. Richie F

    FC420V Exhaust back fire

    Engine is a 14 hp. on a Scag walk behind mower. End of season started with no problem and moved into shed. This season won't start but only pop out the exhaust when trying to do so. That shows the engine has fuel,spark and compression. Have checked valves and are in spec. Pulls over with no...
  10. Richie F

    Flex tube repair Red Max blower

    I have a Red Max EBZ 7150 and the plastic flex pipe has cracked causing an air leak. Has anyone found a DIY repair for this (other than duct tape) or another pipe that is more flexible ? Thanks.
  11. Richie F

    Walk behind unit electrical problem

    I'm working on a model SW36A14FS s/n J6100114 The owner of this machine has disconnected/by passed all safety switches. With the engine running when the PTO is engaged the engine shuts off. Unplugging the ground wire for the Magneto the PTO will function properly. I realize something is still...