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    Sanli BCS262 line trimer with the 26cc 1E34FN petrol engine

    There is a good reason why I try to avoid this junk. However got one in from a good customer who enjoys throwing away money on rubbish At least to confirm with EU regulations the OM's for the 1E34FN engine state the durablity of the engine is 100 hrs. Anyway back to the dilemma This is the...
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    How to annoy people and drive them away

    I know he site need money but as the above quote from a recient thread makes it clear the stuff being foistered on us is really annoying people to the point that it makes it very difficult for them to use the forum . Keep this sort of trash being forced on us and there will be no one here so...
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    Zoom Spindle housing

    Got another mowerfrom hell in the work shop. It is an abused Aries Mini Zoom 1540 which is fitted with the 5151000 spindle housing used on all of the Zoom series, wide area walk behinds & some Great Dane & Ever Rides Now it needs new spindle bearings and here in lies the problem The parts...
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    Gator blades for a mini Zoom 1540

    Four year ago I convinced a customer to fit Gators to their mower . Unfotunately Oregon changed their Australian distributor from RGS to B & S Australia who have no intention of stocking these blades None of my usual USA direct suppliers list the blade , Oregon # 96-040 . Can some one check to...
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    EZ 225 Fuse Box

    Just finished doing a repair on an early EZ 225 JD . The fuse box had melted so I ordered a new one from my friendly JD shop. However the $ 45 ( Aus ) bare fuse box ( terminals are extra ) was wrong . So some catalogue searching revealed that on this model , the fuse box is NOT a service part &...
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    Nikki twin barrel carb jets

    Doing a 2008 Sentinel with a 406777 B & S that I have never touched before Spasmodically drops one cylinder . Could not find any obvious problem. Ran the tiny tach on each side got close enough to the same RPM to rule out a maggy problem Cleaned the carb so that should be fine & it was too clean...
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    550 EX breather

    Back to this 9p702 0127-11 engine which was giving me grief Do any of you have problems with the breather reed valve ? Does any one know how sensative it is ? should it work when slowly rotating the engine by rotating the blade by hand or does it need substantially more inertia Point being the...
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    Click / knocking noise 09p702 0127-h1

    Customer brought in a local push mower fitted with this 140cc engine complaining it had a tapping noise. Previously it had been in for blades touching the baseplate which was beaten out. Thought it was the same problem repeating but the blades are fine When rotating the engine by hand I get a...
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    New stator not generating.

    some long time ago ( Dec 2018 ) I replaced the stator on a 31Q777 0119 - G1 briggs that was fried, literally on a Country Clipper . Naturally Briggs could not supply a 592830 stator , nil stock n Australia and none due till March 2019. So I pinched a 592829 of a 21000 and fitted the appropriate...
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    Any F2400 ( or similar ) Owners out there ?

    The landlord has just bought a Kubota F 2400 72" mower to replace the 48" Cubs which are spending more time having the decks welded than mowing the paddocks & orchards. Nice piece of kit and seems to do a top job. Downside is I will be doing the maintenance and have never laid an eye on one of...
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    Unresponsive script that is causing Firefox to hang

    I have been getting this since yesterday Very annoying. I thought it was Google having a snoop of my cashe again but apparently not Had a look at the debugging window but all PC stuff . What is is & can it be rectified ?
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    Early dixon SpeedZ30 deck belt size

    Was oing to pit this in the Husqvarna section but I think this model predates the take over. Would any of you gentlemen out there know the actual size of the deck belt on the early Z 30 ? Part number is 539-120185 . Got to go out on Saturday & do a field service on one and the very elderly owner...
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    UT70127a carburettor

    Same story here again. The homelite web page shows no parts available for this trimmer . Walmart show a carb ( no identification of course for $99 US ) Does any one have cross refference for this carb . Is here a different web site I should be looking at ?
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    550ex running rich

    Got this in to the shop before I took crook. Fuel pouring out of the carb so it got a bath in the ultra sound and got the fuel to shut off & the upside float holds against 5 psi which is my usual "test" Thing had no spark so replaced the maggie a week back. Now it is running very very rich & I...
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    Yard-man single belt 46" deck problem.

    Finally got well enough to tackle some of the jobs been in here since Christmas. Run into a problem with a 2017 Yardman 23 Auto Special 13AP604H671. Ser # 1B167H20372 I think it must either be an export only special or a Canadian made one because that model number comes up "Not Found " Now it...
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    Need to identify unknown starter

    Customer came in yesterday with this starter he says came off a Briggs. It is totally unfamiliar to me and searching using the numbers stamped into the top bracket ( 9412295M) came up with nothing Do any of you with more experience than me recognise it ? The problem is some one has tried to undo...
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    No Spark on a 140 cc easy start 09P702-0122-H1

    OK, Got this one in as a non sarter. Carb was clogged so it got cleaned up and tested good. Checked the spark , none Pulled the kill wire off, still no spark Replaced the magneto with a genuine B & S # 593872. Still no spark. Checked the kill wire & it is open in the on position & closed in the...
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    Expired Security Certificate

    According to Firefox the security certificate expired on the 13th and it will not connect to the site because it can not make a secure connection Checked & I can connect via the smart phone but have no intention of going blind. Used an old web browser that does not have security featires to...
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    Can't work out date codes

    Working on a 140cc Briggs It has the following stamped into the crankcase with a dot stamper 09P702-0122-H1 DOM 010814 On the side is a sticker with this Serial 140104 51 85207 The parts book gives different parts for engines either side of "date code 18070100" Any one out there knows how...
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    ID this Swisher please

    Went to fix this 60" Parklander in yesterday . Assumed it would be a rebanded World Lawn from China like most of their stuff but is apparently a rebranded Swisher. Unfortunately the rebadging including scrubbing out the original Swisher details from the ID tag & apparently Parklander could not...