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    Wisconsin Robin Wi-185

    My WR burns oil if I run it at max revs. While running, I removed the oil dipstick and it puffed up from crankcase pressure. Removed the stick and it blew air and oil up out of the tube. This is an L head style engine. My question is are my rings not sealing like normal? The vent to carb tube...
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    Nothing new here

    We need more Snapper issues. If they weren't so well built... slomo
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    Best slow release fert for Bermuda - OKC area

    What do you guys use for fertilizer? Looking for a good slow release N. Also prefer what I call a balanced say 20-20-20 like recipe. Most of the junk in big box stores is like 26-0-3. Not much in the bag but Nitrogen. I used Agrilawn here in OKC last summer. They had a real nice slow release...
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    Who runs E10 fuel?

    To sum up E10 fuel, bad idea. Simple as that. Okay lets look into it. Are you saving money using E10? Take our work truck, a 2018 Chevy Suburban. This pig gets roughly 12mpg average per the computer. That is your test mule. The same driver drives this thing. He reports 3-4 mpg better on 100%...
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    Ads are killing this site. Lots of good people here.

    Welcome to the best mower forum with a TON OF ADS on the planet. We allow free shopping with a minimum of 30 ads per page on this site. Get all your Christmas shopping done early right here. If you need a new ladies swimsuit, we can help. Home mortgage loan, check. Dog collars, we got those here...
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    This Snapper section has the be the slowest

    Part of this forum. I'm a Snapper freak but leaning towards getting a couple Honda mowers. There are a ton of posts daily on those machines. Seems like every part on a Honda mower someone has a question on. Like wheel adjusters??? Mower won't pull backwards? Transmission issues just to call a...
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    Thank you Snapper

    Been cruising the other brand sections on this forum. Glad I don't have any of the expensive head-aches that other mowers have. One guy with a new SuperX217 complaining about a $250 transmission. What is it a Chevy Turbo 350 transmission or what? Man-o-man, THANK YOU Snapper for your $7 rubber...
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    Guys, I have to confess something. Taryl on Youtube used to annoy me like no other. THEN, I started to watch his videos. The more I watched the more I enjoyed him. That guy and his boy are Super Stars in my book LOL. Used to fast forward on the hillbilly openings in his videos. Now I get out the...
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    start engine without blade?

    Can you start an engine without the blade on? Looking to see if my vibration in one mower will go away. Obviously watch the rev count, keep the revs down. Shouldn't hurt anything right? Just wouldn't have a blade on it. slomo
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    Snapper 21" white handlebar super mower

    Got an old Snapper 21404P that's probably mid 1980's era. Still cuts and runs perfect. Ok nothing new there. You Snapper guys know the drill. Issue is the mower has a nasty vibe to it. Has a new OEM Oregon 99-121 Super Mulching blade and the Extreme Ultra carb clean. Fresh oil, both air filters...
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    21" Ninja deck questions

    Who runs the Ninja deck? Do you use the Ninja blade also? What are your thoughts on the mulching quality? Will it mulch wet grass without leaving grass tracks? I've owned about 15 used Snapper pushers and a few RER's. I always seem to get the Hi-Vac 21" decks. 99.99% of us lazy Americans mulch...
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    Tip of the day

    Make sure you check the 00 grade grease in the transmission. You can get a quart of 00 grease at Tractor Supply for like 5 bucks. Every used mower I have has been dry. I put a full quart in one mower. Little guy was thirsty...
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    42" push mower/s

    Anyone hitched another push mower to a self propel push mower creating a super mower? I've seen this done with a riding mower slash tractor. One guy had a 42 inch tractor with like 4 or 5 push mowers at once. This one even mows his yard by itself. slomo
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    Who is using non-detergent oil? And why?

    After another discussing, just wondering who is using a 1945 era oil in their shiny new 0 turn? Or any push mower lets say? Any lawn related anything? Any new car or truck anything? Any farm related engine? slomo
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    Wish I could find deals like this in my area. slomo
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    Should I drive to Kansas??? slomo
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    please help find - throttle cable - Snapper 21404P

    Does anyone know how to get a part number for this old series 4 push mower? Need a throttle cable that connects to the handlebar down to the throttle. Older white handlebar mower here. Thanks in advance guys...
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    Best mulching setup for Snapper 21" mowers

    From my experience, this is the best recipe for mulching on a Snapper Hi-Vac deck. 1.Hi-Vac deck 2.7029149YP - mulching deck conforming cover 3.Oregon 99-121 blade This combo leaves nothing behind. If you are a mulcher, look no further than this combo. What do you guys run when you Hi-Vac...
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    My experience with Honda mowers

    Well to sum it up, not impressed with any model. I've tried to love them as everyone praises they are the best you can get. I've used all deck versions and blade styles. Owned then sold a couple new commercial models that just didn't cut the mustard for me. The engines last a long time, YES...
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    best 21" Snapper blade for your application

    I'm currently running the high lift bagging blade (Oregon #99-103) and another no lift blade with a slight angled tip in the back (Oregon 99-121). I know about Oregon 99-107. Let me categorize them from my experience. 1.The best bagging blade on the planet is the Oregon 99-107 with the lift...