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    Need help identifying antique mower [issue resolved}

    Dude, OTASCO was the b o m b back in the day. slomo
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    HELP..briggs & stratton popping or backfiring through the carburetor

    Improper ignition timing guys..... Plug is firing when the intake valve is open as in before TDC. Might de-carbon the cylinder/s as the manual states yearly. slomo
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    Best Gas Trimmer?

    Not 5 for commercial use though. OP wanted the best trimmer. Echo and Stihl are big box store toys. slomo
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    Best Gas Trimmer?

    Maruyma, made in Japan. 5 year Commercial warranty. Nuff said. slomo
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    Opinions on Honda 160cc commercial vs Briggs 190cc semi-pro

    I have an older cherry, hardly used Commercial Snapper with the Honda GXV160 commercial engine. With a single mulching blade, the engine is weak. BUT, I have Tifway Bermuda. Cousin to Bermuda with super fine grass blades. Dense grass, check. Lot of guys talk dense grass like St. Aug and such...
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    Husqvarna 125B leaf blower will not stay running

    Maybe the fuel lines and primer hose are backwards? OP said the primer bulb has fuel when running. slomo
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    Toro engine surging

    Yogurt RIFLMAO slomo
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    Cheap compression testers?

    So what is the measured difference between the auto and small engine style? Can you test this for us all? This might explain why my Wisconsin Robin is only reading 50psi. slomo
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    Engines seize up

    Those new Briggs engines never need oil changes LOL. This is not an oil issue LOL. slomo
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    blown head gasket and stuck valves in 2015 Toro Zero turn? Fix or buy new?

    Funny how a 10 minute yearly cleaning procedure can later cost thousands of dollars. slomo
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    blown head gasket and stuck valves in 2015 Toro Zero turn? Fix or buy new?

    Think I've heard of this before. slomo
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    I lost a blade

    That figures. slomo
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    I lost a blade

    If you drop the deck all the way down, you will find it. slomo
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    Half stuck engine

    I thought is was written with poor English. Just like I write everything. LOL slomo
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    kawasaki fh601v 19hp compression test

    How is a leak down done with an ACR? Guessing valves fully closed obviously. slomo
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    I lost a blade

    Old timers used to WALK the entire yard prior to mowing. They would take a bucket to retrieve sticks, rocks, log chains, mower blades and so on. slomo
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    Half stuck engine

    Guess I missed the part where the engine was ran with no oil. Is this the case here? Wait, is this a new Briggs engine sales gimmick again? Now we don't need oil at all? slomo
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    Half stuck engine

    Is the deck choked with barbed wire or a log chain? Did you WALK the yard prior to mowing? Remove the spark plug/s. Rotate the blade/s by hand. Engine should turn over easy. slomo
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    Quits running when hot

    Do you have spark after 10 mins? Water in the gas? I like that one. I think Rivets preaches that one, water in the gas deal. Someone does..... Does your engine have a fuel pump? Remove the hose AT the carb inlet. See after 10 mins you have good fuel flow INTO the carb. Cylinder block cooling...
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    Is the Kohler Courage really that bad?

    Dude, your engine blew. Get over it. Blaming a brand name for life, does nothing productive. You still have a blown engine...... Like a little child throwing a tantrum. Put your juice box down and pull up your diaper. As for attempting to correct guys like Scrubcadet10, Rivets and...