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    Ariens 960460061-01 Front Axle Assembly

    532418168 is the correct cross reference
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    Mtd briggs to Kohler swap

    It would really help us if we had the model number of both the old and new engines, so we can see how each engine was setup electrically.
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    PE225 strokin sound, but it's the coil?

    The stroking sound is the rev limited going belly up in the module. That will hit every other revolution to limit rpm but will have a 4 stroke sound when failing. Also can shutdown on trigger pull. And in some cases will act like running out of gas but the entire fuel system has been...
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    Engine running rough, governor going crazy (video)

    Adding choke and smoothing out is usually a symptom of a carb lean issue, But that only works part of the time in your case. By holding the governor arm and running smooth points to a governor issue. I am personally leaning toward a governor issue. Something you could try is the governor arm...
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    Gas in valve covers & oil

    The float valve has most likely failed and has overfilled the carb, and it has ran down into the intake into the cyinders where it seeps past the rings into the oil. Or the gas could also get into the crankcase tnrough the breather depending on location. You will need to remove and clean the...
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    Billable Hours

    Sounds like one of those customers that brings in their mower and says that it runs for awhile and then dies. And you ask how long does it run before dying and they respond with 2 hours. And with that I might as well mow my lawn.
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    Billable Hours

    Plus time to remove and reinstall engine for repairs.
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    Honda G300 ignition coil - HELP!!

    The should be some numbers letters stamped into the side of the block usually about half way up on a flat milled area . May have to do some serious cleaning to read them.
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    Arrowhead starters

    As far as I know Scrub Arrowhead is making the starters for Stens.
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    Arrowhead starters

    Stens doesn't carry it, but I suspect since it is limited to the UTV market aftermarket parts will be limited. I am surprised Stens doesn't carry it since they are owned by Arrowhead.
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    Ariens Product Number 960460061-01

    According to my Ariens and Husqvarna distributor the Ariens 21546583 supercedes to the Husqvarna 596873701 They also show the 532403088 superceding to the same 596873701
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    What sensor is this Murray riding mower

    Looks more like a headlight holder to me.
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    YTH24K48 Mandrel Assembly Part Question

    is the dimple in the top of the new mandrel actually drilled or is just a slight depression. Spindles were made with and without grease zerks but both used sealed bearings so it doesn't really matter if you grease them or not, and in some cases i have seen the bearings are pressed tight enough...
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    Governor Issue

    When the engine is running do you have a MIL light on the dash that is lit. Which would mean stored trouble codes. You could try the key on,off,on, off, on sequence to check for code. the diagnostics computer is a separate software program available to dealers to connect to the engine like...
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    Craftsman deck wobble

    Or the bracket under the left foot rest that had the flat steel rod. The bracket gets broke and will be just hanging off of the flat rod.
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    Craftsman deck wobble

    Some of the newer Craftsman/Poulan/Husqvarna mowers didn't have a cross support and after some wear and tear the deck will tend to float side to side a fair amount.
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    Strange problem starting mower

    You don't say what engine you have so can't give specific info but it sounds like it could use a carb cleaning. Partially clogged jets are not passing enough fuel for cold start.
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    Cylinder damaged beyond use?

    DOA. and the rod bearing surface where it connects to the crankshaft is most likely in worse condition.
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    Hello from Northeast PA

    Hey from a fellow MST.
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    Kubota ZG23 missing and dies.

    Symptom sounds like fuel delivery issue. Maybe missed something in the fuel tank when you removed it. Possibly something inside the carb acting like a temporary jet clog. Or even possible fuel line collapsing Kind of hints to insufficient fuel flow like a partial clog that is preventing...