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    Tecumseh electronic ignition conversion

    Has anyone converted a HH60 to electronic ignition ? Changed the coil and sparkplug , installed the nova unit and still no spark. Magnets are good and in place , no kill wire hooked up and still nothing . Could it be a bad new coil or what am I missing. Thanks for your help
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    Cub Cadet HDS 3185

    Trying to get a 3185 HDS Cub Cadets EVac PTO system to work . I think vacumn is ok but can't find a good wire schematic for it and the dealers i checked with havent had any experience with them and i was told no service bulletins are available for it. I would really appreciate any help anyone...
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    Hello from the RN Garage

    Just want to say HI and thankyou for letting me be a part of this. I ve been working on lawnmowers for around 28 years and ive found out that if you ask people ,when you come across something you can't figure out you most likely wil