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    Powering a carb solenoid question

    I use a Husqvarna 36” walk behind for my business. I got it free many years ago with a blown motor which was a 16hp Briggs with a pull start. I put a 15.5hp Briggs on it with a battery starting setup. I would like to go to a pull start on this motor and get rid of the battery. I have the starter...
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    Shift lever question

    I have 2 peerless mst 206s that I’m swapping with each other in separate mowers. The problem I’m having is the shift lever height is not the same on them. One sits flush with the case and the other extends up 3 to 4 inches. I removed both levers from their shafts to see if the high one was some...
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    Scag SWZU belt question

    This is my 48” Scag SWZU deck. I bought this used and was looking for the deck belt. All the parts diagrams I can find show the center spindle having a double pulley with 2 belts. Is there a setup like mine with the single pulley and 1 belt or is possible that the previous owner converted this?