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    coil number

    Hi I am looking for info for an ignition coil replacement mumber for my lawn mower I would like to order a new one my old one is not good any more my lawn mower model is 10T 802 and my coil number is 30400 Z250 71OR thank you
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    snow blower tire

    Hi I am looking for some info about my craftsman snow blower model number is 944524410 when the tire is losing air is there an inner tube that needs to be fixed or is it like a car tire and you fix the tire edges with tire Bead sealer and what would the tire size number be and I have no...
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    coil replacement

    Hi I have a Briggs and Stratton engine 10T802 I am looking for info how to replace the ignition coil how to take of the engine stud bolt of the coil pack . Thank you
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    dry spots on my grass

    Hi I am looking for help to solve problems on my lawn grass I have a lot of dry patches that when from green to dried out spots and stayed that way this year ,then I have patches of dry earth were grass was before and I have a lot of Dandelions all over my lawn . please can some one help...
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    auger belt

    Hi I have a craftsman snow blower 1450 series 24 inch model number 944.524410. I have questions about this snow blower the auger belt came off the pulley all the way, was the belt the problem could I use a universal belt and do I have to take apart my snow blower to change it could just...
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    engine will not start

    Hi I have a weed eater 550 lawn mower the model number is 961380029 the lawn mower will not start at all ,when I put in starter fluid in the carburetor the engine starts up very poorly and then it stops right way. please can some one help me Thank you