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    help with PTO slippage issues

    welp, whatever the issue was with that china PTO, it was replaced with another PTO and its working fine now no sign it was slipping on the shaft, even though the key way hump on it barely stuck out the thickness of a finger nail maybe the clutch itself was garbage, dont know and honestly...
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    help with PTO slippage issues

    thank you, your experience and your knowledge is greatly appreciated here by me and i think all who come here for help
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    help with PTO slippage issues

    well i had the mower given to me with a bad engine and it appears the PTO is (im guessing) a recently new aftermarket chinese one but doesnt seem to fit the shaft loose at all. im just gonna replace it with something not made in china. odd thing is the PTO worked great at first after i put...
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    When I assume....

    thats 100% on you, as mentioned by others, when parts get over $100 you confirm with owner and get authorization no matter if they said "do whatever it needs" because in almost every case, in their mind, saying that meant dont go over $100 on parts
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    its the seat switch, if your butt isnt in the seat it kills the mower as soon as you engage the blades, sometimes the plug to the switch isnt fully pressed o on also check if its in reverse if its not the seat switch
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    help with PTO slippage issues

    turns out you were right bert, PTO clutch isnt the problem, its the keyway inside it after more closer look it seems the PTO key was slipping around the slot and not holding fast thats rather odd but i guess its a cheap chinese replacement or something because the bump is not protruding much...
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    help with PTO slippage issues

    so carb cleaner is ok? i was scared carb cleaner might mess up the electrics or should i go buy some brake cleaner to be safe?
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    help with PTO slippage issues

    it has a brand new belt, the PTO pulley was wiped off with a rag and carb cleaner to remove any oil residue as were the deck pulleys, the belt is tight and fully on all pulleys i can see it working and everything is in order but the PTO pulley is not turning full speed of crankshaft when it...
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    help with PTO slippage issues

    i have a 20hp twin briggs that had a blown head gasket that soaked the entire front end above and below i cleaned it all up and replaced the belts and everything is functioning ok except the PTO that was working perfectly before all this happened now the PTO is only turning the blades at...
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    Briggs Cam shaft replacement (pieces)

    i found the same thing, its not from the governor so it has to be part of the cam. the replacement cam has nothing like it so i assume its only on the oem cams when built
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    Murry automaticdrive hydrostatic trans goes faster in reverse than forward

    rewatch the video, i do recall somewhere in it he said if you put something in backwards forward would be reverse and reverse would be forward. maybe im mistaken but if not you might be able to flip that part to convert it clock wise and/or counter clock wise to work correctly
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    Murry automaticdrive hydrostatic trans goes faster in reverse than forward

    so it came with the issue and you didnt return it to get one that works correctly? that sounds like a silly decision, but i think we all made those decisions to live with something that isnt quite right from time to time i do recall something can be installed backwards and cause operational...
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    Troubling Engine Noise

    pull valve covers and confirm one set of valves hasnt come loose, these engines will run great on just one cylinder so check the obvious most common things first like a valve adjustment coming loose
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    Replacing your blades

    what i found makes the job easy is get a 3/4" metal plumbing pipe about 2ft long and two short sections of chain with nut and bolt to make two loops around the pipe with, then slip one chain and pipe over one blade end and then the other end of the blade to make a sort of blade extension then...
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    Murry automaticdrive hydrostatic trans goes faster in reverse than forward

    a whole list of things my guess would be a restricted screen or weak pump not allowing good pressure flow "what" the issue is, would be more about your curiosity rather the troubleshooting , since once you open those things up its a total rebuild or you will inevitably be going back into it again
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    Engine swap on cub Cadet

    this ^^^^ i find with 24hp engines they can have either sized shaft (1"x 3" or 1 1/8"x 4") but often anything above 24 hp has a larger and longer crankshaft output shaft.
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    Adjusted parking brake now can't get the tractor to engage

    this is pretty common, the brake has rusted pins that press on the brake pads, when you adjusted it you forced them shut and now the rust has them jammed so they wont release. take the brake assembly off, remove the 1/4" steel pins, clean the rust off of them and clean any corrosion out of the...
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    New blades make intermitten noise

    these things...
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    New blades make intermitten noise

    some decks use fixed blade positions and some dont, put the blades on in opposite angles with one east to west and the other north to south and that should fix it if its the blades hitting but it has to show a bare metal spot or "something" where its contacting on metal. also be sure any metal...
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    i need help with a crankshaft adapter

    ok then, since no one will say if it should or shouldnt work im going to order the 1" to 1 1/8" sleeve adapter and 1"x 1" spacer to convert the crankshaft to use the correct pulleys for the mower and have them positioned properly