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    ignition short

    Hello I have a 2166 cub. I used it all day yesterday It ran fine. I wanted to start it today and there is no current to the ignition switch . It has a 30amp fuse. Can I just put in a larger fuse or how do i find the shot that is blowing the fuse. Thanks Lynn
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    2166 cub cadet

    2166 cub will backup but some time will not go forward . Tractor has about 400 hours
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    tire chains

    Has any one tried tire chains with rubber strips for the cross chains. They are supposed to be good on asphalt.
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    2166 cub cadetWon`t stay running

    Hello, I have a 2166 cub. It runs fine. It won`t stay running if I engage the pto or disengage the parking brake. What should I check.
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    snow blower

    Hello I have a 2166 model 341 snow blower. I just bought it . When I try to use the blower it throws the belt off. The belt looks to be in good condition. What should I look for. Also is the pto suppose to turn off when you backup.