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  1. FrankInNC

    Dumb Question about Deck Height

    Okay, so new guy here. Up until the last year or so ago, my theory on mowing was, "If it's low, it good to go". But, then I started taking an interest in my lawn and how tall I should cut my grass. So, with that being said, I try to keep my fescue around 4" because, just looks...
  2. FrankInNC

    New dude from Charlotte, NC

    Hi all. I'm Frank, and I live in Charlotte NC. I have a small yard (1/3 of an acre). I find my "zen" moments in the seat of my mower. I'm definitely not a pro at this, but do enjoy getting out and keeping the lawn pretty (or as my wife would say, "Embarking on my never-ending quest to keep...