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    FS: Kohler 10-12hp Engine Flywheel Housing cover and other sheet metal

    Anyone interested in Kohler Engine sheetmetal housing, head sheetmetal and other pieces? These are older parts like were on the old Kohlers on Cub Cadets and other vintage mower/tractors. I can post pics later or if interested I can send pics. $15 plus shipping for set of sheet for 10-12hp...
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    Anyone buy from

    I just found out about them and they have a few parts I could use and was going to order online. Checkout area online has a place for a discount code. When websites do this I typically search online and sometimes discount codes are available. I search and fine a couple codes which are supposed...
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    WTB: Peerless 2500 Series Gears and Parts

    I'm looking for good Peerless 2500 transaxle gear case or parts. Mine is a 2556C but many of the parts from other units will fit. I'm looking for a few misc parts, gear, countershaft, case cover, bearings, etc. I'm located near Houston and would be will to pay shipping if price is...
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    Wanted a Few Peerless 2500 Series Transaxle/Gear Parts

    I'm rebuilding a Peerless transaxle and need a few parts. Would anyone have a whole transaxle forsale, or someone who is parting one out. I can list specific parts if someone thinks they may have the parts. I'm located near Houston, Texas, but I would be will to pay for shipping. Thanks
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    Any Recognize what Brand/model this Mower is?

    Anyone know what the mower is with the blue stripe?
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    10hp Briggs Generator Fuel pump needed or not?

    I've got a 10hp coleman generator about 10years old (?) The diaphragm type of fuel pump is leaking so I was thinking about just taking it off because the tank is about the carbureator and thought it would run without it. Question is, does it really need the fuel pump, or in this case will it...