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    JD 185 hydraulic release

    I have an older John Deere 185 hydro. I can't find the release so I can push it. The Serial # is M00185B454279 185 Lawn Tractor W/46" RM One of the techs at my local dealer says he thinks there is a lever on the right side under the fender but he isn't sure. Any ideas???? Thanks in advance.
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    Mower stops moving

    My neighbor has a Husqvarna LGT2554 mower. Product # 960450015 00 Ser.# 050809A012154 It was running fine then broke a rear axle. Her son and another fellow replaced the axle. Niow it will run a few minutes and stop moving. If you let it set a bit it will repeat the go/no/go. When it stops...
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    Hi,I'm new here and not quite familiar with the site yet but have a question. Does anyone know what the crankshaft rod journal size is on a K241. My friend broke the rod on his welder and after cleaning all the crap aluminum off it mikes 1.5/1.498. All i can find for new rods are standard...