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    LT1538 Eats Belts

    My 1538 Hydro (model lt150h38lbv) keeps breaking deck belts after about 1 hours running. My last snapper belt lasted 45 minutes! Last use belt started to smoke at the front and then jumped engine pulley. I routed it over the belt guards instead of between them and engine pulley and this seemed...
  2. J

    Engine Replacement Snapper 1538 LT--12-29-2016--Selenoid Question

    Still trying to get the new engine to turn over------ When shorting out old solenoid with screwdriver the starter will turn the engine over---- When using key only it's not doing anything. Grandson done this with old solenoid which would point to bad solenoid so we got a new one and put it on...
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    RE: Engine Replacement Snapper 1538 LT--12-29-2016--Update & Advise

    RE: Engine Replacement Snapper 1538 LT--12-29-2016--Update & Advise Actual engine replacement was no problem--- Just a drop-in and 2 wires to hook up--- Now we are getting no battery power to the starter---Completely dead, We have new starter switch,,checked solenoid,, made sure safety switches...
  4. J

    Engine Replacement Snapper 1538 LT

    My Briggs&Stratton 15hp engine is shot on my 10 year old Snapper 1538LT. All other components of the mower are in good condition. I'm looking at replacing the motor since it will be cheaper than a new mower (read sensible & fugual). Work will be done by authorized snapper shop and I think it...
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    Bronco not bucking

    My daughter has a 2010 bronco model 13wx78ks011,,42 inch cut,,kohler engine..... using jumper cables direcktly to the starter it will start with no problem. When trying to start in the normal say, it is dead,,, no nothing,,,, only the head lites working..... tried new selonid (just as a last...
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    Dead & Alive

    Grandson's troy buit bronco with kohler courage 20 engine (sv600s) died after he had taken a short break...... would not crank nor make a sound when he tried to re-start it,,,,, battery checked at 12.4 volts (lites are working). When he hooked jumper cables to starter it cranked as usual, then...
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    Homelite Primer Bulbs-- or The Holy Grail

    I was given an old Homelite string trimmer, ut206129A, ZR Z825sd,, Hadn't been started in for ever and the gas tank smelled more like varnish than gas. I cleaned it up a little and actually got it running up to speed and done some weed-eating with it (how it ever started i dont know!). The...
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    When starting my snapper 1538 hydro it makes a clicking noise each time as the key is turned off and on. When it finally catches the starter turns it over good and battery seems strong. Starter does not drag once it catches. I cleaned battery terminals and checked starter connection. It's acting...
  9. J

    Motor just dies--taking a break maybe

    3 year old 22 inch bolens walk behind. 5hp briggs engine. It starts and runs fine for 30-40 minutes then just stops,no reason. Give it a few minutes break then it starts right up. Any ideas on what to check??
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    Mulching mulching time

    I have a snapper 1538 hydro-- model lt150h38lbv, series 1. I have been serching for days for a mulching cover plate for this mower. Anybody know where i might find one or ideas on making a home-made cover?? i already have the blades and dont want to buy an expensive kit just for the cover. Any...