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    Oily Rag Disposal

    Hey all! I didn't know where else to post this question, so... Do you folks give any consideration oily rag disposal? I grew up hearing warnings about spontaneous combustion with oily rags, but I've never actually heard of an instance of it happening. I don't have a lot, but when I do oil...
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    Gas Cap For Radius E

    I know it's not much of a question, but... I need a gas cap for my Radius E. I see the real thing goes for around $33. Is there a reason to spend that much on a cap? Or could I just get a $12.99 one? Thanks all.
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    Snow Thrower for New Tractor Question

    I'm half-assedly thinking about a new tractor and I need a snow thrower for it. When looking on the Deere website at X300 & X500 series tractors, they don't list snow blowers. I noticed the same thing on the Cub website. Does anyone know why?
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    Small Tractor for Snow - No Grass

    Hey all! I've had a Cub 2165 with the 16hp Vanguard for 25 years. It's mowed my 2 acres and cleared my 225' driveway of snow with the 40" snow blower on it without many problems (I'm in SE Pa.US). The thing has been great. I retired the tractor of it's grass cutting duties last year after I...
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    Yard Boss Chipper Chute Repair

    Hey all. I've an old White Yard Boss 950 (24A-315C190) that was given to me many years ago. A guy I worked with was retiring and moving to Florida and tried to sell it to me for $400. I said no and 2 months later he told me to just come and take it. Free is about the only thing I'd spend on an...
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    Echo - Are Big Box Store Trimmers the Same as My Lawn Mower Shop?

    I just decided to buy an Echo SRM-225. My local guy is closed on Sundays. Home Depot is down the street and has them in stock. Are these going to be identical units? I know what you folks are thinking. Support the local guy... and I do. For every other purchase. I've bought tens of thousands...
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    Tecumseh H35 - Dies As Soon As Any Load Put To It

    Folks, I've got a Troy-Bilt Junior tiller with an H35-45593S engine that starts and idles fine, but it dies if I throttle it up too fast or, if I slowly give it full throttle, it dies as soon as I even lightly engage the belt. It dies quickly too. As if I grounded out the coil. This is the...
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    Exmark Radius E - Neutral Knob is Stripped

    Folks, I was just mowing my yard when I threw my drive belt because of a stick. The belt is wedged way up in there and totally came of the hydro (somehow, it went over the fan too). Anyway, I wanted to get her down to the driveway where I can work on it, but when I tried to unscrew one of the...
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    Wago Electrical Connectors - Anyone use them yet?

    This is sort of an off-topic question because I know most of you wouldn't use these on a machine that you're repairing, but has anyone used these Wago connectors? I just got a free sample, but have no need for them at the moment. They basically replace wire nuts. I wish these were around 20...
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    Stihl FS75 Trimmer - No Spark

    I'm getting no spark on my FS75 trimmer. I'm going to order a new coil, but all the ones I see (all are non-OEM) are missing a gray wire that comes out of the body of the coil and has a ring terminal on it. That attaches to the the screw that mounts the coil and holds the terminals for the kill...
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    Which Gasket Do I need?

    I've got an old Toro push mower with a Briggs #127802-0640-01. The primer bulb does nothing and I have to pull 20-30 times to get it to start - or remove the air cleaner and use starting fluid. It runs great otherwise. I replaced the bulb last year and it didn't help. I'm assuming it's a...
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    Exmark - Popped a Belt Off

    I was doing my first mow of the season on my Radius E and while going over some small sticks, my hydro just stopped. I shut it down and looked for leaks. Tried it again and no drive. I looked underneath and saw that the drive belt came off of the clutch pulley. I'm assuming a stick got up...
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    Cub 2165 - What Transmission?

    I've got a 25 year old 2165 with around 900 hours that I now use only for pulling a trailer and snow removal. I've been beating the heck out of it all this time by towing firewood and dirt in my 17 cu/ft trailer - not to mention mowing well over an acre. I'm amazed the hydro has held up this...
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    Uh-Oh Ethanol!

    Just wondering if anyone has seen the new study that say Ethanol is worse for the environment than regular gasoline. What stinks is that nothing will change. There's too much money being made by too many people. In the study, they say that Ethanol is 24% more carbon-intensive than gasoline...
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    Electrical Problems with a Vanguard 16hp

    Hi all. I've got an old Cub Cadet 2165 with the Vanguard 16 (model: 303447 / type: 1147-A1) that won't start. I put a new battery in it 5 weeks ago and all was fine. Yesterday it wouldn't start so I brought the battery back to AutoZone to get tested. They said it looked okay, but needed a...
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    Oil Changes in Seldom Used Equipment

    Folks, I've got quite a few machines that see very little - if any - use most years. Things like a tiller, chipper/shredder, mini bike, generator, etc. Heck, even my push mower and walk behind leaf blower only see a couple of hours per year. My tractor and zero turn do most of the work around...
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    New Exmark Engine Dieseling

    I've got an Exmark Radius with the Exmark engine and 17 hours on it. Every once in a while, I'll get a small backfire when I turn it off and then the other day it dieseled for a couple of seconds when I turned it off. Otherwise, it runs great. I always let it idle for 4 or 5 minutes before...
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    Finding a Legit Oil Filter

    Hi all. I bought a new Exmark Radius last fall. I did the 5 hour oil change and I now have 17 hours on it. I want to do another change soon and started looking for oil filters. I bought the the filter for the first change at the place I bought the mower, but later realized that it was an Exmark...
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    H35 Carb Question

    Hi all. I've an old Troy Bilt Junior rototiller with an H35 that's not running right. I just broke it out for the first time in a few years and it started up on the 2nd pull, but was surging at high speed. I removed the carb, cleaned the bowl, and shot carb cleaner all through it. I adjusted...
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    Pressure Washer with Honda Engine Surges

    Hey all. I've got a pressure washer that surges majorly with no load. Once I pull the trigger, it's fine. It's got a GCV190 N5AV NH1. Is this possibly normal? If not, any ideas? Thanks!
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    Carburetor Bulb Not Working

    Hi all. I've got an old Toro GT2S with a Briggs 5hp. I'm not sure which engine right now, but this is a pretty general question. A year or so ago I noticed the bulb wouldn't move any fuel making starting a lot more difficult. I replaced the bulb but it didn't fix the problem. I'm thinking there...
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    Cub 40" Snow Blower Problem

    I've got an old Cub Cadet 2165 tractor with a 40" snow attachment (190-303-100) and when I installed it last week I inspected the belts and they looked fine. Then, we got 6"-7" of snow. A few minutes into using it, I briefly smelled a burning belt. It went away and I kept on going. Ten minutes...
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    Can I Mow at Less than Full Throttle?

    Hi all. I just got my first zero turn delivered today. It's an Exmark Radius-E and I'm kinda surprised at how sensitive the steering is. Going slowly at first is the key I guess. Anyway, is it okay to mow at less than full throttle - at least until I get the hang of it? I know my tractor and...
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    Exmark Radius E or Hustler Raptor SD?

    I just wanted some opinions as to whether the upgrade to the Exmark would be worthwhile. Thanks!
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    Where Do All of the Used Commercial Mowers Go?

    I'm in the market for for a zero turn and am considering a Hustler Raptor SD, but I'm considering moving up to an Exmark Radius E or S. Anyway, I started thinking about a used commercial and was wondering where they all go. There must be a huge market for them. I can't imagine they're all so...
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    Leaf Blower Won't Run

    Hi all, I've got a Husqvarna 125B leaf blower that just won't run. I can start it on full choke and it will respond throttle inputs and of course some smoke. If I move it to partial choke (warm up), it responds less to the throttle and also smokes a bit less. But, when I move the choke to...
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    Leaf Blower - Leaking and Flooding Cylinder

    Hi all. I noticed my Husqvarna 125B handheld leaf blower was leaking gas since there's always a puddle of oil underneath it. Now, I can't pull the starter because the cylinder is flooded. If I remove the plug and clear it, it will start, but the problem comes right back. Not to mention it...
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    Question about mowing wet grass

    Hi all, I've got a little over two acres and have been using the same Cub Cadet 2165 with a 48" deck for the last 20 years. I can't say one bad thing about it, but I think it's time for an upgrade. My question is, what is it about ZTR's that allow you to mow wet grass? My neighbors all have...
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    Battery Post Adapters??

    I bought a new battery for my nephew's Bolens ST110. I didn't realize it, but the tractor's cables have post clamps like a car and the new battery I bought just has the terminals with a bolt hole. What should one use to adapt to these terminals? I see side terminal adapters, but the threaded...
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    Tecumseh H35 RPM?

    I've got an old Troy-Bilt Junior tiller with a H35-45593S engine. Can anyone tell me what the RPMs should be? My tach is saying 3300 and I'm thinking that's low, but I've seen numbers online for H35s from 3100 - 4000 rpm. Thanks! -Adam
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    16hp Vanguard - Runs Rough @ Full Throttle When Hot?

    Hi all, I've got a Cub with a 16hp Vanguard. It seems to run fine when cool, but after mowing for a while it starts to run a bit rough. I can hear little burbles and coughs and when I throttle down, they become more apparent. I'm hoping it's a carb problem, but my head tells me it may be a...