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    McCULLOCH D141 Leaf Blower Vac

    I got this from a friend, it is in excellent shape and hardly used. I have rebuilt carbs many times on trimmers, blowers and saws and have never had this problem. I rebuilt carb with new gaskets, replaced gas lines. Reset the needle valves 1 1/2 turns. Fresh gas, and tried starting. It will...
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    McCULLOCH MAC 120 Chainsaw

    I am not positive what model this is as the number stickers are gone. Could be a mini also. I just know it is a pain to rebuild carb ad you have to pull the entire motor out of the aluminum housing. I took it apart and cleaned it up and put new gasket kit in carb. Did not remember the needle...
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    5hp Tecumseh coil??

    I am not getting spark on this 5hp, took off the flywheel and it is an old point coil. I cleaned and readjusted the points to .020 and it fired but would not run. I checked the spark again and no spark. I have not been able to find a replacement for this or can I just replace the points and...
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    5 HP Tecumseh Snowblower Motor?

    I am trying to repair a old toro snowblower. Has a 5 hp tecumseh. Carb looked good but cleaned and rebuilt. Started right up and runs fairly good except is pulses, will not run a steady speed unless the motor is under load and blowing snow. I have not had that happen before. Any suggestions...
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    Troy Bilt Tiller 3hp Tecumseh?

    I picked this up at a garage sale knowing that it did not run. Does not seem to have much compression, carb was a mess and no spark. Cleaned carb, replaced coil and good spark. I can get it to pop, not really fire but just pops. Seems like wrong coil or timing off or? Any suggestions? Can...