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    325-Diesel Toro 2WD GroundsMaster Model # 30788 Mid 90's

    I dragged it home back in Nov., all 1600 lbs of it with 2 flat rear tires. Hydraulics out brake cables rusted up but managed to free one up on driver's side left. Got enough air in the rear tires and the main drive wheel tires to move it via come-along winch onto a trailer. Hydraulic filter...
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    Engine Swap B&S Used18.0 HP OHV for Blown 17.5 OHV

    My friend has a 2 yr. old Troybilt rider that blew the engine the other day. His daughter was mowing with it and suddenly started clanging and banging and locked up. I pulled the engine and removed the oil pan to find the Connecting Rod and Cap in pieces with about 1/3 of the Rod dangling...
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    2 Year Old B&S 17.5 hp Catastrophic Engine Failure

    This engine is in a 2 year old Troybilt basic mower. My friend was mowing with it and suddenly loud banging noises, metal clanging on metal and then sudden lock up. I disassembled it and found what I suspected to be the culprit. The interior was full of disintegrated metal which is what...
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    Poulan Pole Saw Running Issues

    Today a friend asked me to check his Poulan Pole Saw out as it was hard to start and wouldn't keep running. He's had it for a few years and been kept in garage with good fuel. First I found both fuel lines loose and the supply line from the filter/tank with bubbles in it. I trimmed the ends of...
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    Husqavarna Chainsaw Choke Lever Broke

    I was working on a Husky 250 "something" series saw and it would start, but then die. Wouldn't idle or rev up, just die. I was going to remove the carburetor to clean it, spray it out and all. As I was taking the rubber guide off for the adjuusting screws, I slipped and hit the plastic choke...
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    Kohler Courage 19HP Single Cylinder High Compression Cranking

    I don't have the model # handy, but this Kohler 19 Single, Twin Cam is on a Cub Cadet Riding Mower. It will crank ok to a hard spot and will not go further without removing the flywheel shroud and pull the flywheel through by hand. Once it's past the hard spot, you can hit the starter and it...
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    Adjust Valves on 19.5 B&S Single Model# 31P6770140B1

    Does this valve adjustment procedure require the piston to go past TDC? Model# 31P6770140B1 Anyone know the correct Intake and Exhaust gap? Does Intake= .002 - .004 and Exhaust= .005 - 008 sound about right? Thanks!
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    B&S 19.5 HP, Single, Broken Cam?

    A friend called yesterday and his 3 year old, John Deere 19.5 HP, single cylinder riding mower suddenly lost power, sputtered and wheezed to a full stop. Would crank but not start so I stopped by to look and see what it might be. I pulled the OHV cover to look at the rocker arms and the...
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    Christine Is ALIVE Again!

    I was at an auction yesterday and saw a row of pushmowers, a couple of tillers, and a chipper-vac up for bid. The ugliest mower in there was this 18" cut, 3.5 hp B&S Sears, aluminum frame mower with zig-zag teeth in front that made it look mean. She was faded out red with mostly aluminum...
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    Bought Old 12 HP 42" MTD Rider For a Song

    I went to an estate auction on Saturday, July 15 because it had 3 riding mowers advertised for bid. I was running late and got there just as the house sold and was starting on the outside items. Didn't have much time to look the mowers over and check them out. First one to go was a running...
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    Zombie Mowers, Dead Deer's, Gravely's Gremlins, RESURRECTED again!

    What's the worst-case scenario small engine that was given up for dead, left for the trash man only to be brought back to life again by YOU? Something from the Craftsman Cemetery perhaps? A zombie from the 'Dead Deere Zone'? Something pulled up from the lake? Mower hanging in a tree? (I...
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    600 Series Peerless Transaxle Rebuild or Replace?

    It's on an older Craftsman rider a friend gave me. What I suspect went wrong with it is the left wheel bearing gave out, slung the pulverized remains into the spider gear assembly and something came loose. I haven't removed it yet, but will probably this weekend. Just wondering if any of you...
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    Don't ya just hate it when.....

    Don't you just hate it when someone you barely know, yet been acquainted with for 25 years or more ONLY calls you up once or twice a year, ONLY when his / her mower breaks down? And not only that but they expect you to come over and troubleshoot it, fix it, and settle for a "Thank you" until...
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    Make Your Own Gaskets!

    I needed a Carburetor to Tank gasket as well as a Carburetor to Engine gasket and didn't want to drive 20 miles roundtrip to get them. So, I used 30lb roofing paper (the thicker one) which is nothing more than paper impregnated with tar and works fine on this older 5 HP Briggs & Stratton side...
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    LGT 14 HP Gas Tank Replacement?

    Looking for a replacement gas tank on a FORD, LGT series, 14 HP with the Kohler cast iron engine. Tank straddles the engine and my friend has dobbed it up with epoxy type material and it looks like melted candle wax all over it but still leaks. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
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    Drilling A Channel in Head or Piston to Increase Power?

    Have you guys ever heard of this method of machining a radial cut from the center to the edge? I saw it someplace but can't recall where now. I believe the guy cut it with a drill going laterally. Seems they cut the channel in the head to increase power and efficiency. Any ideas on this? Has...