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  1. lugnut1

    allis chamlers tiller (front tine vertical shaft 3.5hp)

    found this little gem yesterday guy was just putting it to the curb as I drove by stop asked him if he was pitching it and he said yes he was. told me he'd found it out to the curb some years ago himself, and grabbed it. lol He said he'd used it for a couple of years, and it ran good for him...
  2. lugnut1

    another zero turn with starting issues (why me) lol

    got another zero turn in with starting issues (intermittent) first: I checked the relay (being last mower I did had same issue, and relay was the problem) this one checked good. second place: checked the starter solenoid (checked good) third place: checked the ignition sw. (checked good) ok...
  3. lugnut1

    toro 16- 42z zero turn has intermittent starting

    2004 model 74325 serial: 240002487 starter solenoid new seat kill sw. bi-passed fuses good starts sometimes , other times just hear the relay click in and carb solenoid click in. (will start and run if jumped across starter solenoid poles). going to look more into it today hopefully just...
  4. lugnut1

    briggs model 12M902-0451-E1 hard to start hot

    engine is L-head 4.5hp ok what I've done so far: checked spark, cleaned carb, flywheel key, all checked ok. took compression check 60psi. pulled head off rotated flywheel and noticed that at about 3/4 up on compression stroke the exhaust valve will open slightly then closes. (this is new to...
  5. lugnut1

    ITS ALIVE!! (homelite gas trimmer ut 20680)

    had this trimmer laying around (overhead in garage) so long I forgot about it. (im thinking like 10+yrs) pulled it down and started checking it out tested for spark (good spark) did compression test (100psi) noticed fuel lines in gas tank had deteriorated went to local parts store and purchased...
  6. lugnut1

    Engines runs a few minutes than stalls

    Im working on a 4h.p. briggs model: 10A902 type: 2189 B2 problem: engine runs a few minutes than stalls list of things I've done so far 1. switched out coil with coil I know is good 2. cleaned carb and installed new diaphragm kit 3. flushed out gas tank 4. cleaned air filter 5. checked...