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    Drill Bit Index

    If a metal drill bit index causes problems returning the bit to the second hole , a champfered end ground to about 45 deg. solves most of those problems .
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    Blade Sharpening

    With a extra vise a quick jig to hold a blade so the hand grinder can grind on the top edge . This blade gets about 30° and three 2 xs gives that angle close enough . BTW , this is a original J D blade from a 350X and it's no harder to file than mild steel . So much for heat treatment .
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    Is this slope correct ?

    Using a X350 , I need to mow a hill that slopes 7" in 36" . COPIED:
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    Ace Hardware Scam

    Don't fall for the free Mikata Tool drawing that comes as a e-mail . It's a scam according to the local store .
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    Blade Sharpening Angle

    If you have a extra vise , to hold the RT. Angle grinder level and get the desired angle by shimming the vise base . This takes all the guess work from the blade angle .
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    E-mail Notification

    All boxes are checked . How do i get email notification ? .
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    Jacking Lawn Tractor

    Have you used a scissor jack to raise a lawn tractor to do blade maintenance ?
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    Diesel Starting

    With a diesel engine and constant speed governor , does a diesel with a constant speed governor start the engine at wot
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    John to Jim

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    Not only electrical , it could be wise in some areas to be careful around machinery and equipment . My HVAC man sent this pic to me of a rattle snake in a unit . Why in there ? Most likely looking for mice .
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    Mower Blade Hardness

    Do different brands of mower blades have the same hardness ?
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    Battery Connections

    If you happen to have c clamps that will fit the situation , they are excellent for connecting most lawn tractor batteries . Heavy duty are best but your light weights will usually work . These pictured when re-positioned to vertical make excellent handles for lifting and carrying .
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    Lawn Tractor Steering Lubrication

    With no lubrication on those without lube design , how long can we expect a lawn tractor steering system with sector gear and pinion gear / bearing to last ? You guys with a shop may have more information on the subject than the average home owner , but home owners welcome to post any...
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    I don't find a date on OP or follow ups . Would it be asking too much to include that with the time ? If that's too much to ask , could the date replace the time .
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    As i understand plastics there are 2 basic types , thermo - plastic and thermo - set . How would a common person determine which a piece is ? Can thermoset be welded ?
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    Serriated Hex Nut

    Is this nut a serrated lock nut ? All serriated lock nuts i've found have angled serrations with a flange washer .
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    do 4 cycle mower engines and 2 cycle string trimmer engines ping . if they are pinging how do i tell they are pinging .
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    Need Air Filter Help for Kaw Please

    Need Air filter from amazon for a X 350 J D Kaw number 13*97/ 68SN4G2*2012 / 46*0629 * 08 Engine Family : KAXS. 603N4CB Thanks
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    Smoked Burgers

    I got me some of that Texas Mesquite wood for smoke flavor and smoked some burgers but i've not been able to find them .
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    FYI Any Brand

    Brand doesn't really matter , but if your lawn tractor has a idler sheave with a bad bearing in many instances the bearing only can be replaced . The ones i've done had a 202 ball bearing or very similar .
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    Clamping Blade Blocker

    Many mowers have a 3 blade deck . Maybe i'm missing how a clamp blade blocker works on the center blade of a 3 blade deck .
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    Older Craftsman Belt / Disk sander - year of manufacture ?

    Several years back i found a site that dated the year of any Craftsman power tool and the name of the manufacturer but i'm un-able to locate that information now . Thought you knowledgeable guys would possibly be able to help . My eye sight isn't nearly as good as you younger whipper snappers ...
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    Does this site have an ignore to click on ? If so could someone direct me to the spot to click on ?
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    Old Gasoline

    If old gas isn't desirable for a $50.00 mower why would I want to dispose of it by pouring it in a $50,000 dollar pickup truck.
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    Where does a person find EDIT?
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    Mowing in Reverse

    Due to mowing conditions, I do a lot of reverse travel and the mow in reverse safety becomes a nuisance. When safety is NOT a concern at SandburRanch I've found a simple temporary over ride on the X350 for the mow in reverse button. Not disconnecting any wires it can be accomplished from the...
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    Steering Pinion Bearing Lube

    Has anyone developed a convenient way to lube the sleeve bearing that supports the steering shaft near the pinion gear on a X350?
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    John Deere Seat Split

    I thought possibly the more expensive X350 may be a little better than the box store tractors, but I guess not in the seat department. As a test, the tractor has always been mounted and dis-mounted from the right side in its 52 hour life span. Left edge never touched with my butt cheeek A**...
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    Due to the Lack of the Admins Concerns

    I'll be absent until e-mail notifications is corrected. You folks have a nice time looking for your subject matter. I don't have enough time remaining in life to put up with the hassle.
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    Gas Can Labels - information

    It's certain many have different types of equipment ( 4 cycle - 2 cycle ) so gas of the correct nature is important to specific equipment. How do you label your gas cans as 2 or 4 cycle, maybe Stabil if it was added and when was fresh gas put in the container? Do you have a convenient way of...
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    And We Thoiught We had a Big Mower

    Don't know bout you but mine doesn't even come close.
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    e-mail notifications

    mine doesn't work. how can i fix it?
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    Need to Purchase Air Hose End But Where

    Possibly some of you remember these screw on fittings that were on the hand pump you inflated your bike tires with as a kid. I've found it impossible to find these locally at auto stores and even checked at a bicycle repair shop. I get the look like what the hell is that. If anyone has a...
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    EU 2000i Generator

    Can the screen in the gas tank neck be removed? If so, how is it done?
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    K 46 Hydrostatic

    The X350 John Deere lists a k46 transmission but the D140 spec sheet sold at Lowe's doesn't indicate which transmission it has. Does someone know which transmission the D 140 has or have a link to that information? Thanks
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    Most Common Faults of Lawn Tractors

    Just thinking, if manufacturers would read some of the forums available to determine what bugs owners / operators the most, how well they could improve their product for so little cost. Riding mowers directed. Example : 1) it just clicks 2) i'm setting on the seat and nothing when i turn the...
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    Need A Homelite Air Filter

    I'm having a problem locating a air filter for a Homelite Chainsaw. Anyone have one they would part with or know of another avenue to purchase one ? I've contacted Homelite via phone and struck out. Homelite UT - 10617-A Sr. No. 7F2840120
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    Brake Pad Tip

    If brake pads for your old mower become scarce or the economy has you down, they can be made of wood. Oak or Hickory works well.
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    Filter Changing Without a Mess

    For those that have a horizontal mounted filter that seems to have no good way to change without getting oil everywhere but where it needs to be, in the drain pan, try this method. Loosen the filter until it can just be turned by hand with some effort. Drill a hole in the side of the filter...
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    Something is screwed up. Clicking on edit gets me a new blank sheet rather than my original post I'm attempting to edit.
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    Lawn Boy I D

    What do you L B enthusiasts call this one. I'm sure it has a name besides just Lawn Boy.:laughing: The front wheel in the picture is incorrect.
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    Dealer Rates

    How much is the per hour charge at your Honda dealer for servicing, carburetor cleaning etc?
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    Echo Fuel Maintenance Kit Fits What ?

    I need a fuel kit for my GT-2000 and everywhere I look that Echo Mod. number is not listed. What's one supposed to do, buy one close to that number and hope it fits.
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    Have You Ever Tried Buying a Needle Valve ?

    for a Briggs Engine. Model 407777 Type 0188 B1 Code 080125 ys I find it impossible. Please direct me to a reliable source other than the John Deere dealer.
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    Fuel Solenoid Removal

    Briggs engine John Deere LA-135 Mod 407777 type 0188 B1 code 080125 ys Does the solenoid on this engine screw out ? If so, is there a special tool recommended for removal ?
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    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Looking for advise from anyone presently using an Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean carburetor parts etc., their recommendations and cleaning solutions that work. The last I used one was 40 some years ago while working in a small jewelry manufacture shop during college. All I can recall about it was...
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    Wheel Size Optional

    It seems as if mower manufacturers can not make mowers that will mow high enough. If it will mow 4" someone wants 5". If it will mow 5" someone wants 6" and so on up the ruler. The mechanical adjustments have their limitations so the solution I see is an option of taller wheels at the time...
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    My Chevy Powered L i f t

    So there sets my Chevy with plenty of power so why not put it to work. Blades sharpened - deck cleaned. OSHA doesn't need to know everything.
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    fill - er - up

    The last time wholesale propane was $0.34 was in 2002 .