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  1. PTmowerMech

    Tiny wire connectors.

    I'm having a lot of problems finding some tiny 90 degree wire connectors, in a hurry. No one in towns has these. So I'm gonna have to order them online. First off, I'm not sure how to measure them. I think they're .11" or 2.9mm Something like this would work great. It's going to be...
  2. PTmowerMech

    Brisket for burgers, instead of ground beef

    So I was at the store the other day. Me and this other guy got to chatting (waiting on the butcher). And told me that if you have a meat grinder, it's cheaper and better to ground brisket into hamburger meat, than to buy the hamburger meat already prepared. You know, like in those logs. I...
  3. PTmowerMech

    Does anyone have Starlink?

    I'm about fed up with my ISP. Rate increases. Paying for 15mbps and rarely even get 10. I live 8 miles from town. About a year or so ago, they started laying fiber this way. They got about a mile out of town and just stopped. Coming from the other direction, they laid it all the way to...
  4. PTmowerMech

    What happened to the used mower business?

    I get alerts on my facebook when a mower comes up for sale near me. And this year, they've been dirt cheap. A JD L110 just popped up for $200. The seller says it runs fine. And come with an extra set of blades and a spare tire. It looks fine. Also listed. and eXmark ztr. It looks in good...
  5. PTmowerMech

    You MUST See This To Believe It!

    Pretty cook homemade device for testing and maybe even fixing fouled plugs.
  6. PTmowerMech

    John Deere Laying Off Workers in Midwest US, Opening Plant in Mexico

    John Deere Laying Off Workers in Midwest US, Opening Plant in Mexico John Deere announced a wave of layoffs on Friday that will affect workers in Illinois and Iowa, while planning to open a facility in Mexico in 2026. In a press release, the company wrote: “We can confirm Deere leadership...
  7. PTmowerMech

    can someone explain this to me? Fuel injected boat motor

    Nevermind. I found it. Video at the bottom. Here's some snips of a conversation I'm having with another fella somewhere else on the internet, I can't figure out what kind of 2 stroke he's got. And how this is mixing the fuel. All i've ever heard off is mixing fuel and oil together, then...
  8. PTmowerMech

    Engine swap pulley problem

    M# LGT2654 Product # 960450047 S# 061815A031116 Briggs 407777 0274 G5 A couple of issues here. This engine has the smaller crank because it had the manual PTO. The rider it's on now, once had an electric PTO. Using the crank & deck pulley, the deck belt pulley rubs the drag links when I turn...
  9. PTmowerMech

    Darn these fleas.

    So I got the robot vac and it scared the cat off for a couple of days. She she came back, she brought fleas in with her. So I get her a prescription of Bravecto and put it on her neck. That stuff seems to work real well. The only fleas I see on her now are dead ones that have fell off when...
  10. PTmowerMech

    This is why we can't have nice things

    This explains a lot of the business models for todays products. Things we were bringing up in the Taryls shop closing thread. It starts out about light bulbs, but it goes into other products. One thing particularly that really caught my attention, was the companies allowing the government to...
  11. PTmowerMech

    Anyone tried this.... Poor mans power steering.

  12. PTmowerMech

    Taryl's closing his shop

    What a shocker. He just added on a huge addition to his shop. Now he's closing it? Here he explains why.
  13. PTmowerMech

    Castor Chain saw

    I like the almost automatic chain tensioner on this.
  14. PTmowerMech

    It can't be this easy.

    M# LGT2654 Product # 960450047 S# 061815A031116 Briggs 407777 0274 G5 It used to have a Kohler twin cylinder on it. But switching to a Briggs from a JD. This is just going to be for pulling a yard trailer. No electric PTO anymore or deck, since the Brigg's has the smaller crank, from a JD...
  15. PTmowerMech

    Check out battery connecter kit.

    I just got this in today. Can't wait to try it out. Donny Boy was showing this in one of his video's and recommended it. This is one tool I'll hardly ever use. But man, it looks good in my tool box. Cable Lug Crimping Tool with 170pcs Copper Wire Lugs and 210pcs Heat Shrinkable Tube, Wire...
  16. PTmowerMech

    Why I Take Deposits On Some Outdoor Power Equipment- Viewer Question Answered

    Donny addresses some really good points that some of us have to deal with. Getting stuck with equipment, and not even getting paid for the diagnosis. After getting burned a few times, and left with junk, I started taking upfront money on all new customers. And a few shady repeat customers.
  17. PTmowerMech

    First Steel Plough

    First Steel Plough This Day In History May 6 1837 US blacksmith John Deere creates the first steel plough in Grand Detour, Illinois In 1837, John Deere, was a typical blacksmith turning out hay forks, horseshoes, and other essentials for life on the prairie. Then one day, a broken steel...
  18. PTmowerMech

    Buna-N / NBR / Nitrile Fuel Line Sucks

    I was about to buy some NBR fuel line (Amazon), and thought I'd check out the reviews. Then I found this video. Only after 9 months, (of mostly sitting) it's already cracking. My normal fuel line I get from Stens in on back order. No telling how long it'll be before it gets in. So I'm...
  19. PTmowerMech

    Robot vacuum cleaners

    So I got one. It was on sale at walmart for like $50, delivered. It's supposed to sweep and mop. And it maps out the area on it's own. Anyone else have one? So far so good. My phone is attached to it so I can see it's mapping out the place pretty good. I need to find a better place to...
  20. PTmowerMech

    Check... Recheck and check again.

    So I'm wanting to take a wheel and tire off of one John Deere and put on another. Same size tire. The first one came off fine. The 2nd one I had to break out the air hammer and penetrating oil and work on it for a solid hour to get it off. Only to find out that the wheel ID is 1" on 1. And...
  21. PTmowerMech

    Flange bearing

    Anyone every tried using a real bearing instead of these? I'm not even sure why they call these bearings. Flange Bearing. Model # LGT2654 S# 960450047
  22. PTmowerMech

    Is my math right?

    So I'm looking for some bar and chain oil, and realized I haven't made a Stens order in a while. But I'm confused about the price on the gallon jugs vs the qt. bottles. Four 1 gallon bottles for $60 or 0.12 cents per oz. $15 per gallon, ain't bad. IF it's decent B&C oil. 12 qt bottles for...
  23. PTmowerMech

    I Was WRONG about Stihl! Best Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil?

    Project Farm is a good YT channel. He really gets scientific with a lot of his tests.
  24. PTmowerMech

    Samsung is retarded

    So like 2 years ago, I bought a cheap 43" TCL TV. I wasn't expecting a miracle with it. But I've never had a TV that didn't last at least 10 years. Well, it goes out on me last night. (LED light strips) So I decided to get a Samsung 55" crystal uhd they had at Walmart. The website said it was...
  25. PTmowerMech

    Anyone in the Eclipse viewing area?

    I'm within 50 miles. I may take a trip over there. I got some eclipse glasses, just incase. The weirdo's are coming out in full force. Some of the online video's of these people are off the chain.
  26. PTmowerMech

    How To Restore The Glossy Finish Of Your Equipment

    I've got a few pieces of equipment I might give this a try on.
  27. PTmowerMech

    Leaky valve cover on a 4 mix.

    Makes sense. To skip to the important part, skip to the 2:00 mark
  28. PTmowerMech

    This can't be right. Briggs & Stratton 595660

    Greentree is saying this product is 8.40in tall and 7.35in wide. I've never seen one that tall, with the big primer hole. I don't have the model number, because the QR code doesn't work. It's only got a serial number 12 0410 54 72598. 140cc 550 EX(I think)
  29. PTmowerMech

    When customers work on their own stuff.

    When the bolt dropped, they probably didn't even look down in the carb?
  30. PTmowerMech

    Stens 2c fuel lines.

    I happened on a box of Stens 2c fuel lines (115-512 True Blue) that I know can't be much more than 2yrs old. Probably 1 yr, now that I think about it. They've been under something else, so I didn't see them. None the less, I opened the box and they're hard already. I'm pretty sure they...
  31. PTmowerMech

    The Truth Behind Why Shops WON'T Work On Your Stuff

    Pretty good episode.
  32. PTmowerMech

    Fan rubbing

    FD501V-CS00 E/No FD501V061146 For some reason, this fan (just below the radiator) had one fin that had dropped down, like it got hot. And was rubbing on the fan shroud. All the others were fine. No drooping at all. So I heated it up and bent it back up, so it wouldn't hit. Question is, is...
  33. PTmowerMech

    I'm about to make a possum a pet. (sort of)

    For starters, I know they're supposed to be called "O possums." But it's 2024 in the US. I think we can get passed all that. :p So I caught this possum limping around on my back porch a couple of weeks ago. When I say limping, that's exactly what she was doing. Something is wrong with her...
  34. PTmowerMech

    Why 50% of All Crimp Electric Connections Fail - One Trick Fixes It

    Some pretty good info in this.
  35. PTmowerMech

    What They Don't Want You to Know! Insider Secrets and Tips to Shopping at Harbor Freight

    This is pretty interesting. Maybe it'll save some folks some money.
  36. PTmowerMech

    Awesome Allen Wrench \ Hex Key Trick If You Don't Have The Right One

    FINALLY. A use for those bolts you never use.
  37. PTmowerMech

    Well dang it. Toby Keith is gone

    RIP Mr. Keith Loved this guys music. In his (and my prime) he had swinging them gals across the dancefloor like superman. His songs had me picking up the guitar and writing again. Toby Keith, country music star, dies at 62. He was suffering from cancer. Country music star Toby Keith has...
  38. PTmowerMech

    Fuel Filters 101: Do They Matter? Is There A Difference?

    I had no idea there was a difference.
  39. PTmowerMech

    Free electricity?

    Fences sucking power from under HV transmission lines
  40. PTmowerMech

    Hope everyone made it though the bad weather

    Everything is thawing out here in Arkansas. My cold water line froze up a little this morning. And I burned through a ton of wood. But no power outages happened. So it's all good now. How did y'all come out?
  41. PTmowerMech

    ALREADY PATENTED!!! - 2 Stroke Engine with Advanced Valve System From Mazda

    At the 5:15 mark, they start discussing Mazda's 2 stroke.
  42. PTmowerMech

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Hoping each and every one of you have peaceful merry Christmas.
  43. PTmowerMech

    where does the metal come from

    Is this some sort of trick photography? Because I can't see where the metal (for the spring) is coming from.
  44. PTmowerMech

    Show me your skillets

    I'm in the market for a new skillet. Wanting to get a good one this time. Cancer rates got me thinking about getting away from Teflon. Ceramic non stick seems to becoming a scam, because even those have to have coating to make them non stick. And that coating wears off within a year or so...
  45. PTmowerMech

    Ricky & the Boss thread

    Working man humor. This guy is hilarious. (Caution, their language is off the chain)
  46. PTmowerMech

    Sufferin suckatash

    Sazza frazzin razzin....... Honeywell 53000C air purifier. This darn thing is amazing. I love it. The Air and pre filters are high. but well worth it. Or so I thought. I just spent $120 on new filters. I install them, turn it on and "POP." No smell, nothing is turning. It just stopped...
  47. PTmowerMech

    Complete restoration of an old rusty Stihl chainsaw

    I love these restoration video's. Complete restoration of an old rusty Stihl chainsaw
  48. PTmowerMech

    I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving

    Hoping your belly's got full, you got plenty of family time with smiles and laughter. And plenty of pie.