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    136-7809 and 136-7809P filters what's the difference?

    Okay I get it. :giggle:
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    136-7809 and 136-7809P filters what's the difference?

    What is the difference between the two part numbers? My Toro mower takes the 137-7809. I'm finding a lot of listings for 136-7809P filters.
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    Toro 32" TimeCutter need hose for hydro expansion tank

    This is the little hose.
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    Toro 32" TimeCutter need hose for hydro expansion tank

    I don't need the tanks just the little rubber hose for both left and right side.
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    Toro 32" TimeCutter need hose for hydro expansion tank

    Just cleaning up my 2019 32" Time Cutter when I noticed this hose (circled in green) on both hydros is disintegrating. I looked it up on Toro's site and have to buy an expansion tank kit forboth sides to get the hose. The kit number for the left side is 121-5735 and it costs $89.09. Is there...
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    Just wondering TimeCutter SS3225

    How many hours on the average will the hydros last on TORO 32" TimeCutter SS3225? No problems with mine. It's a 2019 with 240hrs.
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    MZ Bad Boy 0 turn drive belt

    Nope. I have the belt so I'm ready. My mower has 59.2 hrs. Hope it doesn't need a belt for a while. I already had to replace the hour meter. The BB looks easier than my TORO.
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    Testing a hour meter from my Bad Boy Mower

    I wonder that myself. I have one of those old Briggs tach's that work off vibration. I'm going to compare the too when I get a chance.
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    Rebuild kit for Snapper Model No. ZT18440KH

    There is not much to rebuilding a deck really no need for a kit. Get new idler pulleys. Take the spindles apart and get the number off the bearings. Any welding shop or auto parts store can order them. I buy bearings for my mower from "Weldon Eldon's" they cost $8.19 each.
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    Testing a hour meter from my Bad Boy Mower

    I ordered a new meter for mine off ebay $59.99 free shipping. My old meter will light up if I remove it from the mower and shake it and play with it. I think it has a loose connection with the internal battery. Mine is a 2021 with 59.7 hours. Thought about buying a cheaper universal tach/hour...
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    Testing a hour meter from my Bad Boy Mower

    The hour/tach on my 54" seems to be intermittent. On for a while and then off. It has only one wire and that goes to the spark plug for the tach.
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    New to me Snapper RER question.

    100% normal for them to be packed full under the plastic cover. They need to be blown out with an air compressor once in a while. The engagement lever often gets bent so it won't engage completely.
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    2021 54" Magnum hour/tach not working

    Was putting all my mowers away for winter. I noticed the hour/tach meter on my 2021 Magnum was not working. It doesn't have any display on it. Is there something I should be checking wiring wise or does the meter need replaced? It had around 60 hrs. It was working last time I used it which was...
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    Magnum 54 2020

    My 2021 54" doesn't have wash out ports.
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    New to me Snapper RER question.

    It's common for the RERs to get packed full under the belt cover. Problem is worse when using a mulching blade. Only way to keep them half way clean is to blow them out with compressed air once in a while. The lever shouldn't hit the pedal. I'm wondering if the belt is stretched out too much or...
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    2013 MZ Magnum 54" Deck - Lift Arm Broken

    That weld was only holding in two small places. One at the very top and at the very bottom. The rest of the weld was doing nothing. Clean it up and have it welded again correctly and it will hold.
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    What model do I have for old snapper

    It looks like a 33". Take the blade off and measure it. For years Snapper put the tag below the battery. The acid took care of the tag. I think I still have a belt hanging on the wall for a 33".
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    1970's Snapper rear engine mower rebuild and mod log.

    Nice mower. Don't find the side fuel tank much any more. I think that mower originally had the four bolt rear rims. With red plastic center caps. Last fall I threw a set of four bolt rims out to the iron pile.
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    Toro branded 22.5 hp engine?

    I have 2019 32" Toro ZT with the Toro branded engine. I have 230 hrs on it and no trouble so far. I use it for mowing a cemetery.
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    2022 Bad Boy Mowers have arrived!

    My mower is doing a lot better now. It has about 35 hours on it. Did set the governor up. Wide open was 3240. Now it runs at 3600 with no load. Didn't change anything else.
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    Best place to get accessories for a 22 ZT Elite?

    I made a hitch for my 54". Wasn't going to pay $36.99 for a piece of bent metal. it's all made from stuff I had laying around.
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    2014 Magnum MZ Bad Clutch?

    Look close at all the pulleys. When I was a Snapper dealer it was common for the RER mowers to break the crank shaft pulley. The Snapper pulley was made in two pieces spot welded three times. One weld would break and allow the two halves of the pulley to separate. Really made the mower shake.
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    Tecumseh 8hp, hmsk80, surges

    jet in carburetor is plugged
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    bad boy magnum help needed..

    The purpose of the seat switch is to make sure the operator doesn't get off the mower with the blades running. If the switch is not working correctly. It will kill the engine when you turn the deck on. You check the switch for continuity with a multimeter. Or make a jumper wire to temporarily...
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    bad boy magnum help needed..

    Could also have a bad bearing in the deck. Remove the belt and check all spindles spin free.
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    Big box atore timecutter 42inch trouble

    My Toro doesn't have a brake on the spindle. The brake is in the clutch. If one spindle was froze up and not turning. You would know it as soon as you turn the deck on. My guess is you have a free spinning blade.
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    bad boy magnum help needed..

    I have a 2021 magnum. The deck problem could be the saftey switch on the seat. There is no adjustment on the levers. you can buy adjustable levers from BB they are expensive. I looked into. My bad boy is not as sensitive as my Exmark.
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    old belt drive snapper pro bogs engine when deck engaged

    Remove the spark plug wires one at a time. I bet you find one cylinder to be dead.
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    25th anniversary Snapper 21"

    I think Snapper decks were steel in 92. I think they brought the aluminum deck back just for the anniversary model in 92.
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    25th anniversary Snapper 21"

    I looked today and didn't find a tag on it anywhere.
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    25th anniversary Snapper 21"

    I'll have to check.
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    Help Snapper Honda GCV160 replacement engine Identification

    Smallenginewarehouse is where we use to order our engines from. They bought engines damaged in shipping or shop foreclosures. They grind the serial numbers off because the engines have no factory warranty. You need to measure your crankshaft to find the correct replacement. It will have a...
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    25th anniversary Snapper 21"

    Just wondering how many of you have seen one of these painted black and silver anniversary mowers? The silver Snapper name is really unpainted polished aluminum. Dad got it in 1992 when he was a dealer. Kept it hid away never started it for 14 years. Then big sister bought a house in 2006 and...
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    Need help identifying engine on Snapper rear engine

    The first digit of the Snapper serial number was the year. Your number starting with 9 would make it one of these years. 1969,1979, or 1989. Being a series 6 it has to be 1989. I think Snapper changed the code around 2000. When we were dealers back then. The standard deck 30" was one of our...
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    The manual for my mower stated to use 10-30 synthetic oil. I'm using Quaker State 10-30. Using the same oil in my bad Boy mower.
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    New Toro Start Problem

    Sounds like the choke isn't working.
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    2017 MZ Magnum right transaxle replacement

    I sure hope they last longer than 280hrs. I bought one last year to help in the cemetery. I was using a Toro 32" it is a 2019 with 226hrs.
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    Lots of Snapper RER and 21" SP parts 2000 and older.

    The number you posted was 331111. 33" 11 hp series 11. Nothing wrong with them but faded paint. According to my 2001 price sheet. That lever is $29.00. Takes about ten minutes to change one unless the pin has a grove wore in it.
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    2022 Bad Boy Mowers have arrived!

    I bought a MZ Magnum late last summer. If the grass is more than a few inches tall. The mower leaves two strips down the center. Looking at the blades. I don't understand why Bad Boy didn't move the middle blade spindle further forward and the two outside spindles in so the three blades would...
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    54” or 60”

    I have a 32" and a 54". There are too many places a 60" would not fit around my farm. If I had a 60" at the cemetery I mow. I would spend more time weed eating than mowing. This is why I have the 32" It's a tight fit between trees and flag poles and fences. I would go with a 54"
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    Lots of Snapper RER and 21" SP parts 2000 and older.

    I can't find my folder for the 11 series mowers. I think your mower has the later style knob that pushes on rather than having the threaded knob? Snapper had at least four different styles of this lever. I have three used ones of this style. $13 ea for just the lever plus the shipping...
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    Lots of Snapper RER and 21" SP parts 2000 and older.

    I'm sure I have used ones. I'll check on a new one.
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    Lots of Snapper RER and 21" SP parts 2000 and older.

    Nope, I don't have a bag-n-wagon. We only ever had one. No one liked it. So we disposed of the fabric top and sold the wagon.
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    Lots of Snapper RER and 21" SP parts 2000 and older.

    Yep they are for sale. Going to start adding them to my ebay store as time permits. If anyone needs something for an old RER good chance I have it.
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    Lots of Snapper RER and 21" SP parts 2000 and older.

    I have lots of NOS and used Snapper parts from when dad and I was a dealer. 98% is for rear engine riders and 21" self-propelled machines early 70's through 2000. Used 4 bolt rims and hubs. The rims are rusty but would clean up. new rear axle new steel rods for 21SP. These date back to late...
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    Air source on my Toro Timecutter SS4235

    If there is no dirt inside the filter. You shouldn't have any problem. It looks like the same engine that is on my bad boy. Kohler makes a high performance air filter system that sucks the air in through a little precleaner that sits on top of the engine.
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    Blade control cable

    Your cable has a "T" end? if it does the silver bracket on the bail has a hole and a notch. One end of the "T" goes in the hole first. The the other side slips into the notch. You have to remove the bail to insert the cable.
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    Snapper 3081

    The four bolt rear wheels and the side fuel tank would be a little earlier than 75.
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    Toro Timemaster Won't Shut Off

    I would remove the top cover and make sure the kill wire is still connected to the coil.