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    Champion gas powered generator fuel cap doesn't fit right

    Recently I acquired a Champion generator from a relative, model number 200911. I was there in September 2020 when this generator was purchased and helped transport it. Fast forward 3.5 years, relative is passed away, I purchased generator from the family. If I recall correctly back to 2020 I...
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    The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 has SOLD!

    This is sale is for an extremely low run time, one-owner Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 24" 2-stage snow thrower/snow blower with electric start in immaculate condition. The oil has just been changed in January 2024, and this machine operates absolutely flawlessly and is always easy to start by hand, or...
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    For Sale: Ariens 926LE 926001 26" 2-Stage Snow Blower With Electric Start (Northwest Indiana/Southeast Chicago, Illinois) $795 *Or Highest & Best*

    This sale is for an Ariens 926LE (model # 926001) 26" 2 stage snow thrower snow blower snowblower with electric start and a variety of upgrades installed which includes the following; NEW ArmorSkids installed March 2023 NEW Scraper Bar Installed February 2023 LED Light Pods Installed (3 LED...
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    This thread is hereby closed for further commentary

    This thread is hereby closed for further commentary.
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    Toro Super Bagger 20192 Transmission Powering Left Wheel Only

    Suddenly the transmission on my Toro Super Bagger model 20192 began powering only the left wheel, which of course will create a myriad of issues when trying to cut straight and also traction loss as well. This particular mower does not have the ratcheting gears like some of the older Toro...
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    Toro Titan 52" Commercial Zero Turn 2 Starter Solenoid Failures?!?!?!?

    My Father has had a brand new Toro Titan HD 1500 (model number 74451) 52" commercial zero turn in his possession since 2018. He only uses it in a residential capacity mowing probably less than 1 acres of grass. Last October in 2021 I replaced the starter solenoid with another brand new Toro...
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    Toro Model 20333 Motor Swap With Donor Motor From Toro Model 20043 - Parts Compatibility Issues?

    Hello and I hope you'll enjoy this small project. I recently acquired a free Toro Recycler model 20333 circa 2012-2013 with a bad 6.75 horsepower Briggs & Stratton motor and swapped on a 6.0 horsepower Briggs & Stratton motor from a Toro Super Recycler model 20043 circa 2000. I have run into 2...
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    Older Craftsman Edger Shaft Broke

    Good evening, I've owned this Craftsman model 536.772320 circa 2002 for 4 years now and it has served me well being used about 3-4 times annually. Today I was pulling it back and unfortunately I have done this many times before, and have always noticed it results in more mut getting lodged in...
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    1992 Craftsman Lawn Tractor Front Wheel Alignment Issue

    Hey guys, question here about my 1992 Craftsman lawn tractor. I believe the rear tires have the potential to be the original tires, believe it or not. They are really dry, and that's not the problem. When I bought this machine in October of 2018, the seller said that the front tires were...
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    1992 Craftsman Riding Mower Dies When Blades Engaged, Safety Switch Issue

    This is a perplexing issue considering that I didn't have any problems with this last year. In October of 2018 I bought a 1992 Craftsman 36" riding lawn mower. Shortly thereafter I disabled the seat safety switch, simply by unplugging it since the circuit is only closed when the seat switch is...
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    Toro HYPR-OIL mixed with 15w50 YAY or NAY?

    Our Toro model 74451 zero turn currently has 15.9 hours on it. The service interval suggests changing the hydraulic system filters and fluid after the first 75 hours, so we are a bit away from this service yet. After the initial 75 hour service, the recommended interval is every 500 hours when...
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    Buying Advice Brake pads and rotor for 1992 Craftsman lawn tractor?

    I am searching for the part number for the two brake pads and the brake rotor for a 1992 Craftsman lawn tractor, model 917.256820. I am not finding much information due to age. Possibly manufactured by Husqvarna? I have posted here about my great find when I bought this last October. I have...
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    Toro Commercial Titan HD 1500 Mulch Block Off Plate?

    I haven't been able to find anything specific to the Toro Titan HD 1500, model 74451 in regards to a mulch block off plate for the deck. We strictly use this mower in a residential capacity and don't want grass or debris blowing all over the place. Last year was the first year we mowed and we...
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    1992 Craftsman 36" 917.256820

    I picked up this clean 1992 Craftsman 36" Model 917.256820 with 12 HP Tecumseh motor yesterday for $200. This is my first riding mower, but probably not my last - I have heard that riding mowers tend to spoil homeowners from never wanting to go back to using a regular mower as their primary...
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    Troy Bilt TB675EC String Trimmer Not Running Right

    Good afternoon, I have a Troy Bilt TB675EC 4 cycle string trimmer here. The original carburetor was leaking so I replace it along with the recoil pull start mechanism. I am now able to start this machine relatively easily, however, it only seems to run well enough at idle. Anything above...
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    Carb Rebuild Kit For Craftsman 536.772320 Edger?

    Hello. Does anyone know what the part number is for the carburetor rebuild kit for a 2002 Craftsman 536.772320 edger? It has a 3.5 hp 4 cycle B&S engine. Carburetor is unique, the fuel bowl is built in to the fuel tank which mounts directly below the carburetor assembly. Thanks!
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    2006 Craftsman String Trimmer Runs Great Without Attachment

    Last year I purchased a used 2006-2007 Craftsman 2-stroke straight shaft string trimmer with blower attachment. It ran great for awhile, but I developed issues with the way it runs. I replaced the fuel lines, primer bulb, and "ignition switch" last fall, and also cleaned the carb about 3 times...
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    Toro 20073 Personal Pace Rear Wheels

    I have a 2007 Toro 20073 Personal Pace mower with 6.5 hp Tecumseh. Last night I replaced the transmission assembly and the drive belt. Two years ago the transmission started slipping to the point that it would not engage. I purchased a new "pinion" gear and new "ring" gear and installed them...
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    Will these Toro blades inter-change?

    I have a 2007 22" Toro Personal Pace mower with 6.5 hp Tecumseh motor that uses a blade like this: My Father has a 2009 22" Toro Personal Pace mower (primer-less, with blade clutch, & bag/mulch select) with 6.5 hp Briggs motor that uses a blade like this: I am at work right now and will...
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    Craftsman String Trimmer Doesn't Turn Off

    I purchased a used Craftsman string trimmer which was manufactured in 2006. I am unsure of the model because the rear half of the plastic engine cover is missing. The unit runs really well, but I notice that sometimes it will not turn off when I flip the switch to "off" It will run rougher...
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    2004 Craftsman 21" w/ 6.75 hp Tecumseh

    I acquired this 2004 Craftsman 21" self propelled mulching lawn mower with 6.75 hp Tecumseh motor a few days ago. I cleaned it up and cleaned the carb and now wish to sell it. Any idea on what the value would be? It has a height adjustment system that adjusts all four corners simultaneously...
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    2000 psi 1.5 gpm Pressure Washer - Orifice Size?

    Hello. I recently acquired a NorthStar 2000 psi 1.5 gpm electric pressure washer. I was told that it needed repair due to being used with well water, and it was sitting idle for two years with a tag on it that read "needs repair." I fired it up and found that it worked flawlessly. I ordered...
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    Old Weed Eater String Trimmer & Blower - FUBAR

    I have a 1992 model Weed Eater GBI 22V leaf blower and GTI 15T string trimmer. These have been sitting for many years in a garage. This summer I pulled them out. The fuel lines were absolutely deteriorated, so I replaced them. I used some nylon tubing from work, not actual "fuel line."...