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    john deere missing

    I have a john deere mower la140 with a brighs 23 hp motor model 445577 v twin. I replaced a defective head with a new one, set thelash at .007 1/4 past top dead centerif i pull the plug wire while running on the new head tjere's no change in rpms. if i pull the plug wire on the opposite head it...
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    Troy built mowers, don't want the oil changed, just add to original oil ??

    I worked on a troybuilt power drive push mower and on the shield on top of the engine, says add oil, butdont change? I change the oil on all my mowers each spring. Has anyone seen any mower that tells you don't change the oil???
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    coil problem

    I'm working on a cub cadet zero turn with a 25hp kholer twin engine. When i engage deck the mower loses power. I checked the coils, and one was not firing. I bought an after market coil, put it on the engine and hooked up the kill wore that goes from the key swotch to both coils. One coil cuts...
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    Onan 24hp twin engine, spitting gas out of top of carb when trying to start. Has a new carb. Will not start. What can cause this?

    Onan 24 hp twin cylinder verticle shaft. Gas spitting out top of carb when cranking to start. New carb, so float is not stuck. What can cause this?
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    convertable mowers

    on the convertable mower what is the blue wire from the key switch for?