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    Craftsman Riding mower 22 HP 42 cut. Cant get tranny to disengage to push mower.

    Having a problem disengaging tranny to push mower, when the little coat hanger type rod ( draw bar ) is in the engaged position the mower works fine , when I pull it out I cant push it , wouldn't disengage the tranny ,yes I have the emergency brake off. I looked under the mower couldn't see...
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    riding mower bogs down when trying to put in reverse and stalls out

    Got a Craftsman Riding mower 22 HP Kohler 42 " Model # 917.986410 , s/n 022614A002537 ( 2014 ) model ) Every time I try to get it in reverse it bogs down and wants to stall. Nothing else is wrong with the mower goes forward fine and has power. Just started doing that a days few ago. It's...
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    Looking for service manual for Craftsman riding mower.

    Craftsman 42 " rider Kohler 22 HP, Hydrostat Model # 917.986410 S/N 022614A002537 I believe I cooked my stator and amp meter pegged all the way to right, fried that I guess. While engine on ( for a short time wires going to amp meter are warm.) Who knows what else is fried, I seen a little...
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    Hello from Pittsburgh, Pa,

    Hello all, From Pittsburgh, Pa. Thanks for having me !