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    FS400 Ring gap

    My bad
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    2008 Quadloop XWF2700

    Did you mount the tip over switch in the wrong position? It is the small round tube with two wires sticking out of one end. It mounts with the two wires pointing up.
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    Starting issue

    What size battery are you putting in it? Does it start ok for a while then won't start. If so you may have a charing system problem.
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    john deere 175 hydro

    Did you have one of the rear wheels off? And leave the key out of the axle. Or I have seen the key work its way out if the washer is left off the axle at some time.
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    Ruff running motor

    Sound like idle circuit not supplying enough fuel. Try pulling the choke slowly until it levels out. If it does that is your problem. Carb needs a good cleaning.
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    FS400 Ring gap

    What is an FS400 Kawasaki? If so they don't list an FS400 engine. They list a FE400 but no specks for the ring gap.
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    Dixon speedztr30 zero turn safety switches

    Oh OK Sorry about that.
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    Engine Replacement

    If I were doing that I would go with the FS730 it is the same block.
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    Walker overheated

    Have you pulled the blower housing off and cleaned the cylinder fins? Model type and code no off the engine would help.
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    Ariens positive short to throttle cable

    Sounds like a ground issue.
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    20hp briggs & stratton surging

    Model type and code would help to identify the carb. Had a T30 MTD today that was surging. Took the carb Nikki which in my opinion sorriest carb on the market. It was a night mare to get off since I had to take the engine cover, seat and seat bracket off. Bracket that the seat bracket bolted to...
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    61 inch ICD Mulch Kit

    Snapper use to make a mulching kit for their rear engine rider and it limited the speed of the mower by blocking the shifter so you could not shift into any speed past third I think it was.
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    61 inch ICD Mulch Kit

    All I haver ever seen mulching kits do is clog up under the deck and leave big ball of grass in the yard. The problem is no one slows down when they mulch. Might help the problem. Mow more often and don't cut more than 1/3 the height of the grass
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    My 700 series Rider has issues!

    You should never shut the engine off with the PTO running. When you do this it makes the PTO a generator and can feed back through the wiring harness and mess things up.
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    JD 777 stopped and won't start

    Try spraying some Gum Out carb cleaner in the throat of the carb. Could you have water in the fuel?
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    JD 777 stopped and won't start

    Did you check the oil before you started mowing and is it now full of oil.
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    Right steering control works in Reverse but not Forward

    Check the front hydro mounting bracket to see if it is broken. Also check the idler arm to see if it moves freelly and is not hitting the frame and keeping tension on the belt. Proper position of the idler arm is parallel to the frame. Spring tension is three inches compressed. You can adjust...
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    FH580V Upper Engine Oil Leak(s)

    If the top main seal is leaking you should check the top main bearing and crank shaft for wear. To do this turn the fly wheel toward the magnets and push and pull really hard to see if there is play in the bearing and crank shaft. If this is the problem It won't do any good to replace the seal...
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    throttle linkage diagram, high revving regardless of throttle cable setting

    If it is the governor hope the shaft the governor works on is not wallowed out in the block.
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    Found a bolt not sure where it goes

    Looks like it may be some kind of belt guide.
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    John Deere Laying Off Workers in Midwest US, Opening Plant in Mexico

    Stihl ztr's are built by Ferris a long time mower manufacture in the business.
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    Continuous using air filter

    Manufactures do not reccomend blowing the air filter out with compressed air as you can blow a hole in the paper element. Rendering it useless. Kawasaki does not reccomend oiling the prefilter.
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    How much oil

    In the shop where I work it is filled to the full mark on the dip stick. Would never do it any other way.
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    Black plastic fuel tanks.

    New one on EBay for $20.00
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    Almost done

    Great job looks good!!!!!
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    Craftsman DGS 6500 - clicks but won't start

    Is the clicking coming from the solenoid. A pto switch can cause a no start but if the solenoid is clicking it is not the problem.
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    Kawasaki FR651 valve seals replacement.

    If you are just replacing the valve stem seal why are you taking the heads off? That can be done with the heads still on.
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    54" BAD BOY MZ Magnum (zero turn) Blade Replacement OEM Blades - Blades Slipping

    Did you check to see if you bent a spindle. Something had to give to break 2 inches off the end of the blades. Could have bent the deck. Is one of the blades hitting the deck? But that should make a noise. But a bent shaft or a busted bearing might not. From the smart ass that suggested you buy...
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    Troy-Bilt TB304H starts fine but throttle doesn't increase power

    Clean the exhaust port and muffler screen.
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    54" BAD BOY MZ Magnum (zero turn) Blade Replacement OEM Blades - Blades Slipping

    I think you should buy a new mower then that would solve all your problems. LOL Just Kidding
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    Engine overheating on Exmark Lazer Z
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    What makes it a mulching mower?

    I don't like the gator style mulching blades they don't do a good job mowing. They do a really good job mulching leave though. Put a set on mine last fall and mulched up my leave and forgot to take them off this spring. Was wondering why my mowed grass didn't look good. Decided I should clean...
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    2000 Dixie Chopper xw2500 tbox question

    You would have to try really hard to damage either with this seal. It has a large outside diameter and small shaft hole lots of area to work with. But do be careful. If it is really hard to get out you can use two screws opposite each other.
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    2000 Dixie Chopper xw2500 tbox question

    I take a sharp pin punch and peirce a hole in it then take a dry wall screw and thread it in the hole. Then take a small claw hammer and pull it out. Good luck. Thanks
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    B&D as far as I'm concerned for the small 1/4 drive. Also Milwakee for the big stuff 1/2 drive and a 1/4 drive cordless rachet.
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    SD Raptor won't move

    They make a Kit to replace all the hydro brackets as well as the brackets that hold the axles on are about three times as thick as the orignal. This is what happens when manufactures go into the big box stores the quality goes south. Check with the dealer on this.
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    2000 Dixie Chopper xw2500 tbox question

    Tiger I don't want rain on your parade I work on these things daily have installed many bottom seals in the T-Box. You do not have to take the T-Box off to put the seal in.
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    2000 Dixie Chopper xw2500 tbox question

    No the snap ring holds the bearing in not the seal. Nothing holds the seal in but the intererence fit in the T-Box. One thing you should look at, make sure it is the seal that is leaking. There is an o ring on each side of the T-Box where the pumps bolt on. Over time the heating cooling and...
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    2000 Dixie Chopper xw2500 tbox question

    No the seal is not made onto the bearing. Yes you can remove the bottom seal with the T-Box still on the mower. The part no is 788099. It is a peerless part. Don't buy it from Dixie Chopper it is $41 and some change. You should be able to get if for less than $20.
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    throttle linkage diagram, high revving regardless of throttle cable setting

    If this is a Briggs engine the model type and code no is stamped into the valve cover opposite the the fuel pump. This is what is needed.
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    Hydraulic Filters
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    MTD 115/76 Tecumseh 12.5 HP OHV Carburettor Issue

    You sdid. I couldn't get any sign of a spark, so replaced the coil & spark plug but still no joy. Even removing the kill switch wire doesn't make any difference. Terry. There is no other way to test the ign module. Once you disconnect the kill wire and spin the engine over and check it with a...
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    Run away engine

    You need to learn some manners or maybe you don't know that replaying in all caps is consider shouting. Not a good way to get any help.
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    Swisher ZT2454 Won't Start / Blows Fuse

    Try unplugging the regulator.
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    Run away engine

    Throttle shaft binding or stuck.
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    Perhaps one of my easier fixes

    Got one in the other day that a guy jump the seat switch with a scotch lock. Said the brake switch was new but not opertaing. He even pulled it out and was holding it out by hand. So the engine would run. Guess what he caused the problem you can't jump the seat switch like that on this mower...
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    Husqvarna YTH18542 won't start

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    John Deere GX 335 runs rough, excessive black smoke

    Make sure the air filter is clean and the choke is working properly.