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    Anyone here affected by the severe weather.Here in Tn we got pummeled. No damage here on the home stead but lots in the surrounding are. Will take a long time to clean up and for the water to receed.
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    TBC340 Tanaka Trimmer

    Broke out my TBC340 Tanaka trimmer today for the first time this year. Filled it with new fuel pumped the primer until it was pumping fuel. Closed the choke pulled it twice and it took off and worked flawlessly. This a 20 year old trimmer that has had one spark plug and had to replace the choke...
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    Valve clearance

    Have a Dixie Chopper Classic 3160 2014 model with a FX921 Kawasaki in the shop that we were doing a service on the mower. Heard the valves rattling and went to adjust the valves. I was amazed at the clearance it had on the exhaust valves. One was about .030 and one was .075 and it ran just fine...
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    Minimun Charge

    Do any of you guys have a minimum amount you charge for repairs? Local JD dealer charges $100.00. Co-op $80.00. Trying to decide what to charge.
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    Kohler head gaskets

    How long does it take you guys to do head gaskets on a Kohler command twin engine. I do both sides when I do one.
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    Cold and Snowing

    Here in north middle Tn it is 24 degreese and snowing could get up to 2 or 5 inches tonight and more tomorrow. Lows could be as low a 4 degrees by the middle of the week. Burr hate cold weather but thank goodness for global warming. Hate to think what it would be like if it wasn't for that. LOL
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    Used oil

    What do you guys do with your used oil? We have ours picked up by Safety Kleen. They use to pay for it but now charge to pick it up. Was talking to the guy that picked it up and he said a lot of the major oil companies bought from them and reprossed it. Like Mobile One, Valvoline to name a few...
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    Anyone ever try Superzilla had a wheel to get off, was all rusted on. Sprayed with Supperzilla let it set for a little while and it cam off pretty easy. This stuff works. Had a pulley to get off a hydro and could get to the top through the frame. Took a pry bar and hammer and tried to drive it...
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    Z925M FX751-AS04 Kawasaki Engine

    Have a Z925M in the shop with a bottom seal pouring oil. JD made it where you have to pull the engine to be able to replace the bottom seal. The motion drive pulley was a bear to get off had to drill two holes in the pulley so i could make a puller to get the pulley off. When I got the engine...
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    Heavy Duty 10 AMP PTO SWITCH

    Anyone try the heavy duty 10 amp pto switch when the original pto switch blows? People come in the shop and want a new pto switch. They come back a day or two later and say you sold me a bad pto switch it din't run any time and blew. Not the switch but a clutch drawing too many amps. In this...
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    Care to figure it out

    Had a customer bring in a mower and said it has a new starter new battery new spark plug and it still won't start. Figure out what was wrong with it. Some people just don't need tools. I will give you a clue it is not electrical. Solenoid is clicking but engine will not turn over.
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    Best engine made

    Just out of curosity what in your oppinion is the best engine made. Mine is the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard. Especialy the big block. And why? They are strong running smoothe and don't give problems. Dixie Chopper uses this engine to replace the Generac engine when they go down. Generac was a...
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    Cub Cadet SLTX1054VT Model no. 13WR92AK010 BRIGGS 44P777-0721B1-090205YG Runs great engage the pto and runs about 10 feet and pto kicks off. Push pto off and pull switch again and does the same thing. Engage the mow on reverse button and it will mow all day. Anyone ever seen this.
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    Snow and cold.

    Here in north middle Tn we had a 50 degree drop in temp and 3 to 4 inches of snow over night. Temp right now is 2 degrees at 11:00 am. Which is suppose to be the high for the day. Burrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate the cold and snow.
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    84005207 Cam Just received it.

    We just ordered this cam on thursday and got it yesterday. This is oem cam and not a built in China unless Briggs is getting them from there.
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    Yea ha UT beat Alabama

    Wow what a game a real nail biter. final score 52 to 49
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    CV745-001 Kohler EFI

    Working on a SP2800 '04 Dixie Chopper with this engine on it. CV745-001. This engine has a blown head gasket. You can hear it spitting out the head when I try to start it. Which it does. I thought well I will check the blink codes and see what code it blinks. Guess what it does not blink any...
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    Free LA145

    Had a guy come in the shop the other day and said he had a JD Mower and wanted to get rid of. I ask what he wanted he said for free, he was tired of fooling with. I said ok I'll take it. He even brought it to me. We unloaded it and he said his kids had pulled it and did not release the hydro and...
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    Magnum 54 2020

    Just did a service on a 2020 magnum 54 inch cut today. After finishing and was checking it out engaged the blades and the deck bearing and idlers were roaring. Put it back on the lift and took the belt off every one of the deck spindle bearings and two of the idler bearings were bad. Did not...
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    Any one hear that Stihl is coming out with a line of ztrs made by Ferris.
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    Not warranty

    I work at an Ace Hardware. We sell Stihl, Dixie Chopper, and Big Dog. Customer bought a Stihl chain saw. Comes back in and told the owner some one stole his saw. Owner said he was sorry. Customer said it is still under warranty. Owner told him there was no warranty for theft. Guy say oh and...
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    X2001 Dixie Chopper

    Was working on a 2004 X2001 Dixie Chopper replacing the belts at owners request. These old mowers never cease to amaze me. This mower had the original Idlers on it. I run into this a lot. The quality of the parts used on these old mowers. The idlers on the new ones are not of this quality. Not...
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    151230 98 70774 model #

    Have a Husqvarna pressure washer model # 020646 00 with this engine that I need parts look up for but find nothing on this engine. Am I missing something.
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    What to use to find oil leak

    I saw on here where someone recommended something that would help trace where an oil leak was coming from. If you see this post would you be kind enough to share the information with me. I have a Kohler CV 22 65594 that is leaking somewhere on the side opposite the starter right at the top of...
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    NCAA Tournament

    Anyone following the NCAA Tournament. There have been quite a few upsets as lower seeds beating the upper seeds. The one with the most attention is the St. Peters Peacocks. They beat #2 Kentucky, # 7 Murray State and #3 Perdue. Quite an accomplishment. Everything was going fine and a lot of the...
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    Yamaha engine

    Had friend ask me about the Yamaha engine. Could not tell him anything about it since I have never seen one on a mower. Thought you guys could give me some feed back. Pros and cons in and out durability support ect. Thanks for any thing you might know about them. Says he can get one at a really...
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    Ever see this

    Was working on a Dixie Chopper Magnum replacing the wiring harness. When I was finishing up and hooking the battery cables back up and I connected the negative cable I got a spark. Well now I says that ain't right I should get no spark. Commest To checking for the drain on the battery. I found...
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    Bad neck and lower back.

    Here are something I have done to help my neck and lower back pain. I have something called a Posture pump. I won't go into details about it just look it up for the details and how to use it. That along with going to a chiropractor have really helped my neck and back problems...
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    Bad knees

    I posted this on another thread but thought it might let more exposure here. i got this from a Chiropractor out of California named Dr. John Bergman. Look him up really knowledgeable. For a bad knee you might try this. Get a 8 lb. ankle weight and wrap it around your ankle sit on something...
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    Snow in TN.

    Took the little pooch out this morning about 8:30. It was just starting to spit a little snow. We already have almost 5 inches of the white stuff. Burr it is cold 30 degrees at 11:15.
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    Service Prices

    All you guys out there that do mower repair for a living just wondering how much labor you charge for a typical service. Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, oil change, spark plugs. Sharpen blades clean mower, air up tires etc.
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    Hydraulic oil booster and stop leak

    Has anyone ever tried this stuff in a lawn mower hydro. Lawnmowers don't use hydraulic fluid they use conventional engine oil mostly 20W-50 high zinc engine oil. I have an old xxw2500 72 inch cut Dixie Chopper and I am going to try it in it and see what it does.
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    LA105 John Deere riding Lawn mower

    What is your question?
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    Excel AKA Hustler, Big Dog

    Just found out today that Stanley Black & Decker has bought Excel. Who builds Hustler and Big Dog mowers. Don't Know much about details as of yet. Stanley Black & Decker also owns MTD. Wonder what they will do these mower lines. Talk has it they will continue selling the Hustler consumer models...
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    Job well done

    Just finished mowing the yard and trimmed with my 2000 year model X1901 Dixie Chopper. She is a sweet running 20 hp 50 inch cut. Picked her up for $300.00 with a blown engine to make a long story short took the engine off a perfectly good Craftsman tractor. I wanted the Dixie Chopper the most...
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    Sad day

    Today is a sad day for the state of TN and talk radio. Today renowned talk show radio host Phil Valentine passed away of the Covid19 virus. Phil hosted the Phil Valentine show on Super Talk 99.7 WTN for many years. He was my ride home from work every working day. He will be missed. May God bless...
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    Some People don't deserve a mower

    Got a Dixie Chopper Eagle HP in today for a start and run issue with 70 hours on it. I will bet you the first blade of grass that hit the mower was still on it. The grass was so high on the deck the blade belt had groves in the grass to run in. I got a 30 gallon trash can full of grass off the...
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    Mouse nest in engines.

    Does anyone know of a sure fired way to keep mice from building their nest in the engine. I have heard of citronella candles. Get the ones in the camping section in a can and punch holes in the lid. Hey these little buggers will build their nest in the engines and when you mow the grass they...