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    Kawasaki FD731V won't start.

    Well, I haven't checked. I think the gas is good because it is fresh and the same I put in my truck and the push mower. At this point, I might drain the tank and add new. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Kawasaki FD731V won't start.

    I have the FD731V on my mower (not original engine). Cutting just fine a few days ago, then quit suddenly and won't start. So far, I've checked the following: Gas is good , Fuel shut-off is working, Both cylinders have spark, Fuel pump is working, Gas in float bowl, Good compression in both...
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    Bolt for crankshaft end?

    I have a (5 hp, I think) B&S engine. The numbers are: 124T02-0130-B1-08111056 This was used on a power washer (Briggs-branded). I plan to repurpose it. The end of the crankshaft is threaded and I need to find a bolt that fits those threads. None of the online parts-breakdown diagrams show the...