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    Dies After 45 Minutes Running

    If you’re getting good bluish white spark at beginning and end the coil should be fine. Weak orange reddish spark means coil weak and going out. That’s why I asked about color of spark.
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    44N8770019G1 Throttle Issue

    What does it do when you remove the linkage and manually turn the throttle? Sounds like something in the linkage or governor not responding to throttle spring tension. I’d go thru the linkages again. If it throttles up manually by moving the throttle plate by hand and not by the throttle...
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    Anybody else busy?

    Update on the Bolens w/ a blown 14.5 B&S vertical engine. Switched carbs on the Bolens rider look alike been sitting out 5 yrs under a tarp and amazingly it fired up and ran strong. Switched out rear wheels, checked & greased spindles and sharpened blades and he was mowing his yard when I left...
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    Dies After 45 Minutes Running

    Just curious what color spark is at beginning cold and when it’s hot and quits. Does it start to cut out and miss or lose power and die all at once?
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    New member

    Welcome to the LMF! It’s been fun for me tinkering and working on things since I was a kid. I’m a dabbling Thespian as well, lived in Hollywood back in late 70’s and mid 80’s. “To Beat the mower with a hammer or not to Beat, That is the Question!”
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    Toro Mower Pull Cord Snaps Back

    That’s right, good point. That blade acts like a second flywheel to help smooth out the rotations.
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    Toro Mower Pull Cord Snaps Back

    Or could be a partially crimped flywheel key throwing off the timing causing kick back. Noticeable after you hit something like a root etc. It’ll run but pull the skin off your fingers when it kicks trying to start it.
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    Anybody else busy?

    I keep saying I’m thru w/ working on mowers etc., but I got a call from a senior friend just up the road. Says his Bolens Single cyl 14.5 BS just quit. I went up do a few checks, valve clearance, spark, but thought I‘d turn it over by hand. Low and Behold NO compression. He has 2 identical...
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    Ferris 23 Hp B&S Engine Vibration

    Dang it! All I’m seeing in my Diagnostic Crystal Ball is some homely looking girl from Kansas clicking her heels and crying about trying to get her mower started back home and the grass is higher than a wheat field…
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    We need to see more of this!

    I studied film production in Los Angeles and know very well what you say. Some of these videos on you tube is like a beginning film student going out with no pre planning and points the camera here and there and calls it a movie made on a weekend! Worse yet a tourist filming here and there...
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    When customers work on their own stuff.

    I’ve got this senior friend who is a magician! He will ask me to come over and repair his riding mower. He admits he knows very little about mowers. But when I start to diagnose and repair it, he suddenly turns into a genius mechanic and tells me what I need to do to fix it! His wife will...
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    17.5 bends pushrods

    Why not use Steel Push Rods instead of Aluminum ones? That might do the trick after you check and adjust the valve guides.
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    Brand New EFI Generator WON'T START - You'll NEVER Guess Why!

    They just closed Bull Run Steam Coal-fired plant about 4 miles away. Had been online since I was a kid back in the 5Os. How are they going to fast charge all these electric cars that don’t explode and burn first? I saw a u tube about a fairly new white elec suv type auto that the battery blew...
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    Online small engine repair schools?

    LMAO at Shaved Monkeys! Yep I’ve seen a bunch of those UNSHAVED APES too, especially down South where I live. Thanks for a great visual laugh. That Taryl guy looks like one but he’s a PhD on small engines. And more than a few aren’t shaved. I could use a Bigfoot shaved or not to help me pick...
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    Hello from St Louis

    Welcome to the LMF. Lots to learn and share on here.
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    325-Diesel Toro 2WD GroundsMaster Model # 30788 Mid 90's

    I dragged it home back in Nov., all 1600 lbs of it with 2 flat rear tires. Hydraulics out brake cables rusted up but managed to free one up on driver's side left. Got enough air in the rear tires and the main drive wheel tires to move it via come-along winch onto a trailer. Hydraulic filter...
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    Toro 345 Groundsmaster Parts

    Hi Red and thanks Rivets. I just dragged home a freebie 325D circa mid 90s Groundsmaster. I think it weighed about 1600 lbs. Previous owner got it from a local golfcourse but it ran. When unloading it the mower fell & screw-on hydro filter snapped and there she sat by the shed for several...
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    Tapping Noise from Homelite Blower

    Hi and Welcome to the LMF! I’ve never seen a c clip on a c rod and yes if it had one it would be an accident looking for a place to happen. It’s amazing to me these cheap built Troy-Bilt, Craftsman type blowers and weed eaters stay running as long as they do. And yes I’ve noticed some slop in...
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    JD 245 start issue

    What about fuel? Could be fuel starvation. I’ve noticed spark is harder to see these days, esp outside.
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    Growing old in Fargo

    Hi Doug I’m there too and have cut back on a lot of work now. Noticed Bigfoot in the name and we’ve got ‘em here in TN too. I’m not far from the mtns and they’re seen from time to time. I’ve only seen red eyes at night on the trail at Clingmans Dome near the NC/TN line.
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    Trying to get 190cc Briggs & Stratton to start - with video

    Welcome to the LMF. Just wondering how much compression it has? Do you have good strong blue white spark? With it popping like that, it sounds like its out of time somehow. Shop costs more than buying a good used mower. Save it for parts if you get a used mower like it.
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    R214c unable to attach the cutting deck after removal.

    I just had that problem a short while ago. A customer's ScrubCadet about 9 years old dropped the deck anchor U bolt out of its hole and it was scalping the yard. All I did was loosen the front deck that tightens and raises the deck. Once I got the pin in the hole everything worked fine...
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    I got a new, undamaged, unused, never-opened Craftsman blade for two cents at Lowe's.

    Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut in the forrest! Congrats! It is unusual to say the least.
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    Briggs and Stratton camshaft (bump)

    Sounds like the valves are out of adjustment not letting the ACR do its job, hence the hard spot. I agree w/ Mark.
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    Briggs & Stratton - Not Starting

    Just curious how much compression you have? I have to pull my 6.75 faster than that to get it to hit. I've got one like it that won't start from a customer. That popping sound does sound a little like a head gasket losing compression. Could be as "tackle says", a coil going bad. Several...
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    No Spark on B&S 6.75HP Motor

    I don't see how the compression could be affected, but what kind of PSI are you getting? Just curious. Do you have another coil to test it with? Weird things happen at the same time occasionally. The coil could have just gone out.
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    No Spark on B&S 6.75HP Motor

    Yes, that's the first thing I would check. You can remove the top cover and look down at the flywheel and see if it's partially sheared. It should get spark even if the key is sheared, it just won't run. The key just keeps the timing correct. The coil generates the spark from the magnets going...
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    Loud Rattle on 22hp Kohler, Craftsman Lt2500

    Doesn't sound like a rod knocking or broken camshaft, so that's good. Sounds more like a rattling than a banging. Hate to tear it down just to find it. But it could lead to more serious damage if not fixed. Still trying to visualize what it is. Reminds me of a loose muffler vibrating against...
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    weedeater 128cd runs good then rough, good then rough

    Why not boil it out and clean it good then blow it out with compressed air and try again?
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    Engine Swap B&S Used18.0 HP OHV for Blown 17.5 OHV

    My friend has a 2 yr. old Troybilt rider that blew the engine the other day. His daughter was mowing with it and suddenly started clanging and banging and locked up. I pulled the engine and removed the oil pan to find the Connecting Rod and Cap in pieces with about 1/3 of the Rod dangling...
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    2 Year Old B&S 17.5 hp Catastrophic Engine Failure

    This engine is in a 2 year old Troybilt basic mower. My friend was mowing with it and suddenly loud banging noises, metal clanging on metal and then sudden lock up. I disassembled it and found what I suspected to be the culprit. The interior was full of disintegrated metal which is what...
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    New mower engine speed

    They also have a tendency to throw belts on lower RPM's. It's FULL SPEED AHEAD Mates!
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    Poulan Pole Saw Running Issues

    Today a friend asked me to check his Poulan Pole Saw out as it was hard to start and wouldn't keep running. He's had it for a few years and been kept in garage with good fuel. First I found both fuel lines loose and the supply line from the filter/tank with bubbles in it. I trimmed the ends of...
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    SH86 blower run problems

    What did the compression test show? Wondering if it had just enough compression to start and run but not enough to do the job.
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    #2 head problems

    Just off hand I was thinking it might be slightly warped heads causing the #2 head gasket to blow. Strange it's only #2 and not #1 and not just one case but several. Maybe the heads weren't being torqued properly when going down the assembly line on #2?
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    Briggs 18.5 hp Wont Run

    After getting the fuel shutoff working properly, why not do a Gasoline IV line and as ILENGINE said the fuel level may drop below gravity feed and starve the engine for fuel. It should run on an elevated portable tank or another push mower gas tank and see if it continues to run ok. And Welcome...
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    I'm no mechanic, need help...

    From listening to your video the first thing that came to mind was a blown head gasket. I've seen them smoke and surge like that before, but check out what 'Slomo' and 'Bert' say 1st. Yes, I'm curious why you took off the carb to begin with. What was the compression on both cylinders? Plugs...
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    TB110 Mower won't start, UNLESS.....

    Hi BB and Welcome to the LMF! Mowing season is almost upon us and many folks will be wanting their mowers running and rush the mechanics wanting it done ASAP. I worked on an older Craftsman with an Opposed Twin 18hp last week but its been so soggy wet down South for the last month it's hard to...
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    Greetings from Smyrna, Georgia, U.S.

    Hi and Welcome to LMF! I've got a friend who lives in Smyrna w/ her family. Also had a friend who used to live N. of there in a little place called Dallas
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    not POINTS, meant VALVES... sorry

    not POINTS, meant VALVES... sorry
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    What kind of engine are you running? If it won't turn over and rotate could be points out of...

    What kind of engine are you running? If it won't turn over and rotate could be points out of adjusgtment , if too far apart, Decompression won't work.
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    Baffling engine issue - runs for 6 minutes, dies, but then starts right back up

    Agree w/ you that it sounds like some sort of fuel starvation even with all that he put on it. I was wondering if the fuel lines themselves might have some internal blockage. Was he using 100% Pure Gasoline? That ethanol will cause hoses to clog up over time as they deteriorate on the inside...
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    Craftsman Z6200 Will not pull up small incline

    Welcome to the LMF titanfan!
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    Briggs 15.5 spluttering on an angle

    After an engine sits w/o use for any length of time not to mention 12 Months I always drain the float bowl. Just did a push mower about 2 weeks ago that had clean gas in it but wouldn't start. Used a 1/2" box end wrench and loosened the bolt holding the bowl on and let the gas drain out as I...
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    Husky 322L won't start

    Most of the time a mechanic in a busy shop will just swap out carbs as it takes too much time and $$$ to tinker around with one, boil it out etc.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the LMF TerraKacher:
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    Brigs & Straton 6.74 hp not starting

    Good Point on the kerosene instead of gas! There were some friends living up in the far North of Alaska and one of them got a Snowmobile and got it running which extended his range. One night he and a pal got on the thing and the pal grabbed what he "thought" was 2cycle gasoline but it too was...
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    New member

    Hi Penpaljr and Welcome to the LMF!
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    2020 XT2 runs rough and stalls after mowing for an hour

    Man is that aggravating trying to track down a crack in a plug. LOL @ Electricity being lazier than you or me. True! I found a rag floating inside a gas tank on an old 8N Ford Tractor once. Start it up fine, run it about 10 or 15 minutes and then it would start to starve out and die. Shut it...
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    Briggs and Stratton Generator Help Needed

    Wouldn't hurt to run some Sea Foam through it and things might clear up.