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    R*tex 2 cycle snowblower

    It has an B&S built in 09 ok got it with no key !, got it running with jumping out the 2 wires that go to switch now the weird part the jump clip fell off & it kept running so the only way to stop it was to idle it down till it stalled ! so why did it continue to run ? Thank you in advance
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    Hope this section can help sell collection of 40+ machines

    Up-dated 7 / 26 Ok retiring after 60+ years Have mowers snow blowers edgers chainsaws leaf blowers & a few engines about 45 Some old some new some run all need some kind work its always a dirty carb or points in the older package deal All must go ! $ 100 ! I think my location is in profile...
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    Retiring 70 year old have many lawnmowers snowblowers edgers chainsaws

    Cleaning house must take ALL ! about 20 in all best offer over $120 I am mid Long Island NY Thank you
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    Tecumseh HS50 67175C

    Ok question magnet fell off long ago & rusted from sitting i cleaned area so sorta got an idea but need to know how far apart from the other as this distance must be important !? beyond this it should run after cleaning the carb Thanks