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    Problems with compression test.

    When did number 2 stop firing? It has spark, so the issue has to be fuel. Why would you take all the carbs off if only one cylinder isn't firing? I think you should check valve gap on number 2 before anything else.
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    Problems with compression test.

    Why did you do this compression test in the first place? I wouldn't worry too much, if each of your four cylinders is reading about the same you most likely have a bad gage even though you replaced it. You go to any well known auto supply store and borrow a compression gage or better yet, your...
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    Mower Humor
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    Will it never end

    They are a normal hardware item, buy them anywhere.
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    happy independence day

    It is a celebration of the day the Declaration or Independence was signed. Before tossing insults folks should read it, it isn't very long.
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    FR651V surging after running out of fuel

    The gas you just bought could have some water in it. drain some from the bottom of your tank into a clear container and let it sit for a few minutes.
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    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    You may just need to dump all of your gas, from the gas tank as well as the gas can that you used, look inside for dirt and check for water. But that still doesn't explain why the starting fluid isn't doing anything.
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    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    We need to know just how he applies starting fluid. The engine should start for a few seconds regardless of a dirty carb.
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    Briggs& Stratton engine will not turn over

    Do you still have a problem or not?
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    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    I missed your last post. Good job with a happy ending.
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    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    You don't need a puller, it will come loose by lightly tapping with a soft hammer. I'm glad the problem has been pinpointed.
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    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    Keep in mind, the spark tester will tell you the whole ignition system is good or bad EXCEPT the spark plug. Remove the plug from the engine and plug it back into the boot. Get help and hold the plug against a ground while your helper pulls the starter rope and see if the plug itself is actually...
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    Water in Gas, Help Needed!!!

    You see water in the containers, it does not mix with gas, oil does mix with gas. Now do all the stuff they mentioned above, but take off your fuel filter and leave your gas cap off overnight let evaporation help you. FYI, ethanol gas, moreso than non E, will attract water without leaving a clue...
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    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    You didn't by any chance hit something with your blade? Are you saying you have spark, but no start with started fluid? You haven't mentioned the air filter which could be clogged, but I'm leaning toward timing.
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    BG-86 BG86 Carb Adjustment Tool - Stihl# 59108902314

    I've used a hacksaw and made them into slotted drive.
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    R322t won’t move

    I'd grab ahold of the tensioner pulley and see if I can pull it back and forth and see if it wobbles and make sure the belt keeper is in place. I'm of the "don't fix it if it aint broke" school. I wouldn't buy a belt until I was sure that's the problem.
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    Help finding a mulch plug
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    R322t won’t move

    Yes that would definitely be a cause. Either the belt is off of a pulley or the belt tensioner isn't working,
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    No big technological advances have come without pain. With electric vehicles of all types we are in the painful stage now. We will either get past the flaws or give up on the idea. It's good we didn't give up when our computers were crashing all the time and cost an arm and leg to replace.
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    Husqvarna YTH 2348 - Bringing it back to life

    I recently got an old Scotts mower in with a similar back story. The oil looked good, it was out of gas. Gave it a squirt of brake clean and it popped and sputtered. This told me that everything but fuel delivery was likely OK. I removed the carb and poured rusty water from it. Cleaned the carb...
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    Echo PB-403T new coil still no fire

    Are you sure your coils are gapped correctly? Use a business card
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    Cub cadet zero turn

    You won't get help here with the elimination of safety switches.
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    Pre mixed fuel vs mix it up yourself

    I too, try to be 100% accurate, like asking people to clarify if they mean Ketchup, Catsup, or (OMG!!!!!) Catch Up? Catch Up?????????
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    Pre mixed fuel vs mix it up yourself

    Agreed, but I live in Florida and don't have a non-growing season.
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    John Deere LX188 hunts all the time

    Be sure you don't have any water in the gas and the gas isn't stale. Next step is a carb disassembly and thorough cleaning. If you haven't done this before take pictures of the linkage and the various gaskets, etc. to aid reassembly. Take your time, be gentle, and you can do it.
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    Can you over grease lawnmower deck spindles?

    I have used tapered cone roller bearings, primarily on bicycles, but I don't believe I've seen them sealed.
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    "Weed Wacker" or "Weed Whacker"?

    Regardless, that is a brand name for your TRIMMER.
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    Can you over grease lawnmower deck spindles?

    Often those spindles, even those with Zerk fittings, are assembled with sealed bearings. I can imagine too much grease pressing on a sealed bearing could maybe cause this. Have a look at the bearings, if they are sealed just remove the sealing piece from he inside of the bearing, this will also...
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    Melted and fused bump head "string"

    Hammer is right, give a good soak in water and your life will be showered in goodness.
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    Electricity just got confusing

    Without supplying the make, model, and serial number you make it much more difficult for us to troubleshoot.
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    YTH22C46 Won’t Drive forward or reverse

    I tend to think your brake is stuck, likely due to rust. Disassemble the brake, wire brush it, use Never-Sieze on the sliders and adjust as necessary.
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    No start without jump

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    LH or RH thread?

    I think they're all LH thread on RH rotating engine.
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    Greasing trimmer head gearboxes

    It seems to me you can drill and install a zerk fitting where 3, 4, and 5 are on the drawing. If a new gear head is needed for a two-piece unit you might save money by buying the lower half without the power unit.
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    Online parts purchases

    He said it was the MTD website.
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    Online parts purchases

    I have had nothing but good experiences with Jack's Small Engines.
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    Craftsman T2400 Kohler won't start

    I would never pressurize a fuel tank. They are not designed to be pressure vessels, pressurizing them is just asking for trouble.
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    Kohler courage 540S will turn but not run, shows compression at 65 psi, changed carburetor with new fuel solenoid,spark plug, changed oil,head gasket

    If it started with starting fluid, you have a fuel problem. I like to check/clean the entire fuel system.
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    Bad boy outlaw extreme shutting off after about 1 minute of PTO being engaged

    Likely the needle valve is stuck open causing the engine to flood over time. Fix that carb and life will be flowers and rainbows.
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    Husqvarna Hood

    That depends on the size of your hammer. Look up the parts list for each model and see if the p/ns are the same for the hood.
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    Bad boy outlaw extreme shutting off after about 1 minute of PTO being engaged

    It isn't the plugs. I think you have a fuel problem. Clean the carb and make sure the choke is working, your problem should go away.
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    Grass isn't cut between the blades.

    In case you're unaware, the blades are measured diagonally. That's why you can have 63" on 60 " deck. Also, sloing down your mower speed can sometimes get rid of those stripes. The first thing I would check is belt tensioner(2)
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    Honda GCV 160 Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Died While Mowing

    If it stopped cold without hitting anything, check for spark. You may have a coil fault that presents itself when hot. Throw away that Tru-Fuel.
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    Honda GCV 160 Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Died While Mowing

    I'll accept your money, too.
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    Honda GCV 160 Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Died While Mowing

    Dude, stop buying Tru Fuel and send me the money.
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    ? Vapor lock?

    Put an in-line shut-off valve on it, and use it. Doesn't fix your needle but solves your problem.
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    Craftsman T2400 Kohler won't start

    Was this perhaps your first mow of the season? Or, had you just added fuel that has been sitting for awhile. You might have some water in the tank, check with a turkey baster, just not the one that your wife uses.
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    Spindle pulley

    Yeah, my point was that a response from the OP would be helpful. Star Tech spent time and work providing answers, knowing if they worked or not could be very helpful.