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    Today's younger generation

    Mower King, are you saying something positive about teachers??? You know we only work 9 months a year with long Christmas and spring breaks,, 7 hours a day, are over paid and expect parents to help their children grow up.
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    Tecumseh AQ148 dies

    Thank you for posting the outcome. Most guy won’t take the time.
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    25 Hp Kohler Gravely... black smoke under load.. loss of power??

    Did you read gunners post #9. Start there and then post back. Do you know this thread is 9 years old, I doubt gunner is around any more.
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    Troy Bilt TB30R Transmission drive belt replacement?

    I just over think things when I don’t know the ability of the poster. Many times the extra body is needed by those with limited ability or just extra eyes if a problem comes along. It’s also nice to have someone to celebrate with when everything goes right.
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    Troy Bilt TB30R Transmission drive belt replacement?

    Just my advice, they should be replaced as a set. It’s up to you.
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    Troy Bilt TB30R Transmission drive belt replacement?

    You don’t have to remove the nut I think you are talking about needing a torque wrench for. When you loosen the two bolts I mentioned, it will allow the variable speed assembly the tilt to get the belt off.
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    Troy Bilt TB30R Transmission drive belt replacement?

    Hardest part of this job will be to get the lower belt off. Clearance between the pulley and frame is to tight to slide belt past. I normally loosen not remove the two bolts (#6 in diagram) to get extra clearance. You will need to remove the deck and an extra pair of hand will help. I also...
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    LB 680543 4.0 F - Looking for carb gaskets & crank seal

    Try this site.
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    Honda Pinion Gear keeps wearing out

    Only you can answer that question, as I cannot see it. If it ere me, as long as I’m doing one side I’d take the time now to do the other side.
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    Real pain in the Butt

    If you use non-ethanol fuel don’t put it directly into your can. Put a gallon or two into your car first, then fill the can. If you go directly into the can you may get a half gallon of ethanol fuel, as you don’t know what the person before you used. Your car wont know the difference and you...
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    Seat switch troubleshooting

    I would check the brake switch. if the brake switch is engaged the engine will start and run regardless of anyone on the seat. Unit thinks the parking brake is on.
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    Engine quits after about a minute

    Another thing to check. When it stops don’t shut the key switch off. Get off unit, hand on fuel solenoid, now turn the key switch off. Do you feel solenoid closing? I’m wondering if you are losing power to this solenoid, stoping fuel from entering the airhorn. Starting to think you may have...
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    This one has me stumped

    How about posting the engine numbers and the part number for diaphragm and gasket. I’ve got an idea for a solution, but until I know your engine I’m not going to muddy the waters.
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    Engine Backfires

    Backfiring through the muffler or carb? Makes a difference as to how to proceed. I’m thinking valves not closing properly or carb running rich. When you post back include the model and spec numbers, I’m think either an HH80 or HM80 engine. Waiting to hear back.
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    **Help with Nikki Carb surging at idle**

    Check your valve clearance. If you need a manual post back and I’ll try to find one.
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    Old Craftsman Starter Solenoid clicks while Starter is slowly spinning-No Start

    He means that it may test with zero resistance, but the corrosion will not allow current to pass through properly.
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    Engine quits after about a minute

    You are going to have to test to find out if it is fuel or ignition related. Have many questions which you will need to answer before giving instructions as to how to proceed. The manual at the end of this post may help you. 1. When it quits, can you restart immediately? 2. If No restart...
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    Do I need a new coil? Does brand matter?

    U-tube, I have no ideas, as I very, very, seldom go there. Average person rebuild, if you’ve worked on carbs 1 1/2 hrs, if you’ve never worked on carb I suggest don’t even try. This will not be cheap, kit $90.00, labor minimum of 1 hour after the carb is off. Cost of carb approximately...
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    Engine quits after about a minute

    Can you get the spec number off that tag?
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    Bolens/4.5 Briggs has me stumped

    Find your carb in this manual and double check your assembly.