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  1. sgkent

    SH270 Simpson Pressure washer

    Well, got a chance to use it. Your instructions really helped. I pulled about 5 or 6 times then said, oh yeah, this one has an on - off switch. Fired right up. Very happy with it.
  2. sgkent

    Trying to get 190cc Briggs & Stratton to start - with video

    I just fixed a pressure washer 190 cc engine that the kill wire had chaffed thru and was grounding out the coil. It might take 8 - 10 pulls sometimes. After putting some heat shrink on the wire to fix where it chaffed thru it starts first pull. Make sure you have Compression air to fuel spark
  3. sgkent

    SH270 Simpson Pressure washer

    Thank you more than you know. I have arthritis in my back, and bad eyes these days so knowing where to expect something, is a lot easier than laying on the ground in pain with a flashlight trying to figure out what each things is from labels I can barely read up close. Your description will help...
  4. sgkent

    SH270 Simpson Pressure washer

    usually when I buy something I read the manual and try to figure where everything is before using it. This Simpson MS61124 with a Kohler SH270 bogs my mind. Some places say it has a throttle control. Some say it has a fuel shutoff, Some say a choke. So far I found a lever marked choke, and...
  5. sgkent

    Oil Change

  6. sgkent

    Oil Change

    Thinking of a new pressure washer. Simpson with Kohler SH270. It is one of these lifetime no oil change engines. Does anyone know if these can have oil changed easily? Someone asked Simpson how to change the oil on the SH270 and their response was you don't have to so they were no help. Just...
  7. sgkent

    20018 twitch

    read it several times already. I guess will just have to take it apart again to see if there is anything new going on.
  8. sgkent

    20018 twitch

    friend's son has a Toro 20018 that has a twitch in it. As one is mowing the mower will twitch to the right a little about every 10' - 15'. I assume that this means the wheel on the left side is not driving at that moment. A while back I went thru both sides and replaced worn parts, everything...
  9. sgkent

    Measuring RPM on a mower

    or $42 amazon or get a free app for your phone that uses you mic to pick up the RPM and is accurate.
  10. sgkent

    Got Blue Smoke? WTF?

    change the oil. May have fuel in it and be thin.
  11. sgkent

    Westinghouse pressure washer

    you are the one paying for it.
  12. sgkent

    WTB new or used 338070MA or 740039MA Edger Quill

    Mid july 2023 still looking for one. 338070MA or 740039MA will show as part #321 on fiche for edger. Pictures in first post. Possibly someone might come across one with broken welds that the edger has been scrapped because of it. I can take the part with broken welds and have my welding guy...
  13. sgkent

    Measuring RPM on a mower

    You have many choices. You can use one of the round spring wire things that sits on the mower where the spring oscillates at the harmonic of the RPM, or download an app on your smart phone. I have an optical one too that HF sold. You need a spot of white paint or something that spins so it can...
  14. sgkent

    LT1042: swallowed up hammock strap, PTO won't engage

    the two wire nut connections need to be properly fixed. They are not water tight connections, and will fail, if one or both haven't already.
  15. sgkent

    Backfires when trying to start

    did you originally set it to ,010 with a brass feeler gauge, or the plastic tool? An aluminum can is about .004" - .007"
  16. sgkent

    Jonsred 70e

    Windsor Super Pro Chainsaw guide bar. 20 HL50SPNA. Made in USA. 20" laminated sprocket nose. 3/8 pitch, .050 gauge, takes a 70dl chain Jonsered 60, 61, 62, 66, 70, 75, 77, 80, 81, 90, 110, 111, 601, 621, 801, 820, 830, 910, 920, 930, 1020, 2350 contact this guy for specs...
  17. sgkent

    Jonsred 70e

    this came up on the first Google link. In it, next to "Bar Mount Pattern" click the link and it will list all the part numbers from common suppliers. note: it is a 25:1 oil engine.
  18. sgkent

    Craftsman mower starting problem

    there should be no choke when an engine is warm. Choke enriches the mixture for when it is cold. That said, I have read many times here on the forum that Honda carbs are quite reasonably priced.
  19. sgkent

    How to keep 40V mower clean?

    Once the grass dries it is much harder to get it off. The procedure may be in the owner's manual. My Toro mower is gas but the manual says to run it on concrete and spray a steady stream of water to bounce off the concrete at the edge of the mower into the underside of the mower while it is...
  20. sgkent

    Cutting issue

    also when did it start? Did you make any changes before it began?
  21. sgkent

    Mower starts runs stalls

    suggest either a new mower or take it to a shop. Throwing parts at it can not only get more expensive than a shop but it can create lots of secondary problems. It takes 3 things for an engine to run right Fuel to air mixture Spark at the right time Compression. One of those 3 is missing when...
  22. sgkent

    No More Lithium! NEW Sodium-Ion Battery To BEGIN Mass Production

    Just as an FYI, I read a scientific article last week where they now understand why dendrites form. Now that they understand, they are working on solutions to stop it. Dendrites are the biggest reason all the lithium ion and nickel cad batteries fail. It starts with micro cracks in the matrix...
  23. sgkent

    Briggs and Stratton 5 hp (Model 130902) Jet Pulse carburetor problems... Any ideas?

    when I went into my local mower shop they had two part numbers that superseded most of those carbs. The original number was NLA but the part they had to replace it worked fine. I could not duplicate their briggs number replacement online so I have no idea how they came to the conclusion which...
  24. sgkent

    Carrier plate seized to drive shaft

    post some photos of how far apart you have gotten it and what you are dealing with. Hard to make a suggestion without being able to see it as it is.
  25. sgkent

    Toro 22" Recycler GTS Personal Pace #20017 - Difficult start/restart / Governor adjustment - Tecumseh 6.5HP

    the instructions seem specific. DId you hold the shaft with some locking pliers or something while holding the throttle all the way open with the arm, and lock the pinch bolt? If yes, don't know what to say except maybe hold the shaft all the way, loosen the pinch bolt and back the arm up a...
  26. sgkent

    No More Lithium! NEW Sodium-Ion Battery To BEGIN Mass Production

    it takes more energy to produce hydrogen that is usable than the energy it can produce. Find a way to harvest the surplus heat in the oceans for less energy that it takes to concentrate it, and you will not only help mankind but be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Right now we do it by hydro...
  27. sgkent

    Smoke upon starting

    I have a Toro personal pace mower that smoked light white-grey smoke when it started every time since it was new. Just that initial small cloud. About six months ago I moved from the ethanol laced fuels here in California to TruFuel. It has not thrown up that initial puff of smoke since then...
  28. sgkent

    Briggs Stratton rocker stud hole stripped

    I was thinking about mentioning that. When aluminum overheats it gets soft. We used to see it all the time on aluminum heads from British cars when they were run at high speed in the desert southwest. They were designed for a cooler climate and once they overheated the aluminum would soften. One...
  29. sgkent

    When to aerate...

    depends how deep the spike go. The plug style also lessens compaction. The spike kind compacts the soil where the spike goes in. I use the plug style myself, we even pick up as many of the plugs as we can.
  30. sgkent

    Briggs and Stratton 5 hp (Model 130902) Jet Pulse carburetor problems... Any ideas?

    If you put the screw back in without the air filter, it dies? It looks pretty dirty inside. Have you tried spraying some Berryman's B12 carb cleaner in it WHILE it is running to clean out some of the carbon build up around the butterfly etc..
  31. sgkent

    No More Lithium! NEW Sodium-Ion Battery To BEGIN Mass Production

    they still have a ways to go. The people who sell new technology always try to make their ideas sound like the new future. I am old enough to remember when turbines cars were going to replace the internal combustion engine - then that passed and all engine bocks would be made of ceramics. The...
  32. sgkent

    Briggs Stratton rocker stud hole stripped

    or try cleaning it again and use red or green Loctite. Also there are other thread repairs that would have worked better in that instance. or
  33. sgkent

    Snapper/Briggs and Stratton issue

    As an alternative watch FB marketplace and CL for a similar mower that has a lower hour engine but needs maint, then use that engine.
  34. sgkent

    Hit Root, Now No Start. Husqvarna yth 2246

    check the belt system to see if any are twisted and jamming things up. Make sure that the whole system is set back to the same as if you finished mowing and turned everything off normally, then go thru a normal start routine. It is not uncommon for people who have a strike to accidentally leave...
  35. sgkent

    Echo SRM-230 trimmer won’t start after new carb

    If the plug is wet it is flooded. Take the plug out, let it sit overnight and put it back in. Try again without priming it. Maybe rebuild the original carb if the carb listing is indeed RB 70
  36. sgkent

    Mower Blade - Make My Own?

    are you the original builder? Have you ever used it, and if so how long?
  37. sgkent

    Craftsman 917.252520 Deck

    first question is what was the issue that made you want to replace everything? second question, was it working right before the work? third question. Did you take detailed photos and notes before you began your work, or did you just try to commit it to memory?
  38. sgkent

    Mower Blade - Make My Own?

    apparently post a manufacturer, model, and serial number so folks here have a better chance to answer your questions.
  39. sgkent

    Mats killed my lawn???

    wrong answer. The correct answer is put it on the concrete and not the lawn. I told you about the glass window. It was not even 1/2 hour and it knocked the grass down.
  40. sgkent

    Gas Weed Wacker with Engine Trouble

    it is a carb problem if it is a five year old problem. None of those 2-cycle things were made as anything more than throw away unless you learn how to repair them. Example - 2 cycle Homelite marketed as Ryobi hedger - muffler cracked and rotted away in a couple years. Carb went bad. Fuel tank...
  41. sgkent

    Unleaded 88 gas

  42. sgkent

    I hit a brick wall... now my riding mower won't move or turn over

    a bad battery can damage the charging system. Replace the battery.
  43. sgkent

    Mats killed my lawn???

    it may or may not. Depends if the roots were cooked or they just went dormant due to the heat. I set a glass window down one time on the grass on a hot day while measuring the opening for a new window. It was only down for maybe 20 - 25 minutes but it was enough to cause the lawn to go dormant...
  44. sgkent

    Mower runs for a couple minutes and stops - toro recycler 22" 20377

    start by visually retracing your steps.
  45. sgkent

    Briggs & Stratton 450 148cc popping exhaust and rough idle

    I have one of those carbs and tanks that I had to use my skills as a prior machinist to file the tank flat because it had warped over time. Replacing the carb did not solve the issue but filing the tank did. If you have it apart again, lay a good straight edge across the tank and the screw holes...
  46. sgkent

    Briggs & Stratton 450 148cc popping exhaust and rough idle

    run some upper cylinder lubricant / cleaner in the fuel for a tank. Maybe a sticking valve. Or pull the head off, pull the valves out, clean them, lap them, set their lash, and replace the head gasket.
  47. sgkent

    Toro 30" mower destroying the mower drive belt

    sounds like the belt is too tight or the wrong one. Or it is also possible the clutch isn't disengaging. Hence the belt is being told don't move, and you better move or else. It hemorrhages.To overcome the brake lock there would have to be lots of friction, right? At least that is my thought.
  48. sgkent

    Briggs Blowing White Smoke

    did you tip it on its side where oil got into the combustion chamber or exhaust?
  49. sgkent

    Mower won’t engage

    maybe a little more to go on would help, Otherwise we can try to guess