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  1. Two-Stroke

    Help Identify Lawn Boy Push Mower

    It looks like an F-series engine on an alloy deck -- a great combination. It's definitely worth fixing. You could try draining the old gas and putting in some 2-cycle (mixed) gas - then try to start it.
  2. Two-Stroke

    Happiness is.........

    What's an offroad mower? I guess some mowers are used on roads but I've never heard that term. I won't even ask about the mud. I know what you mean about getting beyond a problem like that.
  3. Two-Stroke

    Business question

    There's lots of good advice for a prospective small engine shop owner in this thread. I've never had a shop like that; I'm just a hobbyist. But I suggest that, if there isn't enough business to support a viable small engine business, you could consider another line of business to supplement...
  4. Two-Stroke

    The First Daffodil

    I saw the first daffodil of 2020 today and it's still January!
  5. Two-Stroke

    The First Daffodil

    It's a little early this year but the last week or so has been unseasonably warm. Here's the first daffodil I've seen this year. I hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Two-Stroke

    Free J.C. Penney Lawnboy

    I just bought a JC Penny Lawn-Boy. It starts and runs well but needs a clean up. It has a makeshift repair (using JB Weld) at the tank valve; but the seller said it's been holding for eight years. The compression seems OK but I may do a rebuild. It's an F-series engine so rebuild parts...
  7. Two-Stroke

    The First Daffodil

    Well, it's getting ready to be spring again. It was 72F and I saw my first daffodil yesterday. I hope everybody's doing well.
  8. Two-Stroke

    The First Daffodil

    The first daffodil came a bit earlier this year. I started seeing them on Sunday, February 12th but couldn't get a good photo. The attached photo was taken February 14th. The early signs of spring put me in a wonderful mood. :cool:
  9. Two-Stroke

    JD-branded, Powered by LB F-series

    I saw this ad which made me curious enough to ask if anybody knows about these mowers, apparently made in the mid-1980s. CL ad: John Deere 12SB 2 cycle self propelled lawn mower This particular mower doesn't sound like something I'd buy (It's self-propelled with other extra stuff like a key...
  10. Two-Stroke

    Walbro WYL-series Carbs: Are Different Models Compatible?

    I have a Makita hedge trimmer (model EH760). I'm pretty sure I need to replace the carb. I've rebuilt it and installed new fuel lines and a fuel filter. I've also eliminated ignition problems. On the body of the Walbro carb is stamped just "WYL" but that's a series of carbs, not just one...
  11. Two-Stroke

    1958 Lawn-Boy Promo Video -- Lamar, MO

    I found this video, posted by Lamar, MO. It's about ten minutes long but I enjoyed it all. At about 4:50 they're talking about distribution and LB dealers and show a map of the USA with a bunch of dots (presumably the location of dealers). There are some dots in Georgia which seems odd...
  12. Two-Stroke

    Bought a R7070 -- Key Word "Yellow"

    It's been over a year since I found a Lawn-Boy that I wanted to buy. Supply is very tight down here in Georgia. So I was thrilled to see this one on Craig's List. It has a good old F-Series engine but what I really love are the yellow accents. The shroud, wheels, handle grip and height...
  13. Two-Stroke

    Victa Mowers (It's Summer Down Under!)

    The first Victa mower was built in 1952 by Mervyn Victor Richardson who wanted to help his son who had a lawn mowing business. It's now called the "Peach Tin Prototype" since he used an old peach can as a makeshift fuel tank. :laughing: It was powered by a Villiers (a British small-engine...
  14. Two-Stroke

    Victa Mowers (It's Summer Down Under!)

    I found some pictures of a beautifully restored Victa "Toe Cutter". A few things are worth noting: It has shaft-driven 4WD -- but plain old wrap-the-rope starting. :confused3: The engine exhaust is directed under the deck -- Did Victa do this first or Lawn-Boy... or someone else...
  15. Two-Stroke

    Victa Mowers (It's Summer Down Under!)

    Since there's no forum for the brand I thought I'd start a thread about a great Australian mower: Victa. They continue to make two-cycle mowers -- which is interesting to me as a two-stroke hobbyist. :cool: Unsurprisingly, their older models are the most interesting. Here's a 1968 model. I...
  16. Two-Stroke

    Lawn boy 5236 has trouble starting

    The seals that robin66 referred to are round, hard rubber rings (#40 on the diagram below) that go around the crankshaft. The gasket (#41 on the diagram below) that I was talking about in a previous post is located between the crankcase (#29) and the reed plate (#42). You might want to check...
  17. Two-Stroke

    I think this has a 2-cycle engine!

    This is a robot called WildCat by Boston Dynamics.
  18. Two-Stroke

    New Look

    Here is a screenshot. Also, the grey icons on the left for mail, settings, etc, blink on and off. Plus there's overlap of images that clearly not intended. The dialog box for uploading an image was kind of funky also.
  19. Two-Stroke

    The First Daffodil

    This little daffodil is all by itself, braving the cold. But I still take it as the first sign of spring. Photo taken on March 3, 2013 in Cleburne County, Alabama.
  20. Two-Stroke

    Grease for Hedge Trimmer

    I have a Makita EH 760 hedge trimmer. The gearbox has a grease fitting. The user manual recommends "Shell Alvania No. 3 or equivalent". I've tried Googling that particular grease and have found a few things: It's Lithium-based and is considered a "normal temperature grease". It's also...