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    Slow cranking

    JD Z225 with JD 18.5 hp. tries to start, acts like it is Hydro locked, replaced starter four times because one showed a 400 amp draw. replace it again with a used one this time. it won’t even crank, when I try to start it, and acts like the battery is dead, and barely moves the engine...
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    Kohler 27hp no start

    Kohler 27hp cranks but no start. Just pops back through carb. Compressions are at 170 and 175 Got fuel and spark on both coils What would I check next? TIA
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    Won't stay running

    I have a Sears push mower with a 5.5 or 6hp engine. It would only run if I continued pushing the fuel bubble or sprayed carb cleaner into the carb. Ok, easy enough, clean the carb out should fix it, obviously a fuel restriction. Cleaned the carb, jets, needle and seat, etc. Does the same...