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    First time Buyer

    I have a JDX 485 and a JD 425 I have snow blowers for both and leaf carts if you look around you can Find some good deals I have $5600 in everything I’ve had both for many years neither one has ever been in the shop but you have to do your maintenance both the machines the decks and snowblowers...
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    Looking for advice re: purchasing a reliable lawn tractor

    As far as John Deere goes you’re buying the Home Depot specials get an actual John Deere tractor
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    Head gasket

    Like the guys said, bolts, flat head, gasket, solve your problem
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    Riding or walk behind?

    Whether you want a walk behind or ride spend the money and get a good one probably be the last one you’ll have to buy
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    Murray 24583 40" snow thrower worm drive question

    Yeah where the guys got it outlined in blue you’re missing something they’re probably a plastic spacer
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    Stumped - Poulan Pro Snow Blower

    After you replaced carb, did you reset govener?
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    OK to use synthetic oil ?

    I think most the oil nowadays is a blend
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    battery worthless

    Don’t buy a battery for the warranty if you do take it back they prorate them anyway go to Menards and buy one for 35 bucks
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    Age old question, Winter Storage?

    I live in Minnesota put a little additive in the gas and I’ve never had a problem don’t use it for seven months
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    Run at Full Throttle?

    That’s me, maybe lucky but never had a problem one of my J D is 41 years old
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    Mulching blades that can still actually lift grass?

    Put a cover over the shoot, that will chop them up
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    Front ZT Tire Flat

    If anything, put a tube in it
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    Will spread grass blades over grass helps lawn or just bagging them is good?

    Just put whatever blades on either or you’re not really going to see a big difference
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    Can't find 30W oil anywhere in my area, or on line.

    You probably won’t find it everything now it’s going to a synthetic blend no more conventional
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    HM100 woes

    Check the govener
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    I went ahead and bought a WORLDLAWN DIAMONDBACK 52 INCH ZERO TURN.

    For the money you’re talking about spending you should be able to get a pretty decent mower
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    Head gasket

    Head can’t be flat , even 1 not torqued bolt wouldn’t cause that
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    Lawnflite ride on mower belt drive

    Either the wrong belt, or you got it on the spring tension or wrong or you got a deck bearing out
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    Mower won't pull start

    Bad timing problem either key in the fly wheel or your valves are way off
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    looking for ignition coil for lawn mower

    Get one that’s close don’t have to be exact don’t turn it into rocket science
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    Briggs 16HP Vanguard carb / fuel problem

    A new carb kids only from 10 to 15 bucks I just replace the parts
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    Is electric the way to go now?

    The batteries are solar panels the wind turbines all come from China when you got a White House and his family that’s in cahoots with China that’s what you get
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    WTB : John Deere Power Flow 48" c deck

    I got to set up you need but I live in Minnesota
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    Carb repair

    I wouldn’t mess around with the Welch plugs , I have a few all snowmobile’s with them carbs very hard to fine parts I would say clean it the best you can and go from there
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    Tife chains

    you need more weight on your lawnmower do you know how much your tractor weighs? I have a 425 John Deere weighs about 1200 pounds with everything and I have no problem
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    Tife chains

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    Tife chains

    Let’s some air out of the tire put them on as tight as you can get it and fill the tire back up
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    Troy Bilt sickle mower carburettor

    Set the govener rod on it
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    24hp Kohler Hard to Start When Cold

    My JD did the some, put a carb kit and set the governor, use it to blow snow it was 3 above zero yesterday, and don’t need to run the nipko on it for a half hour like before