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    Part number mystery!

    Hello all i have a 26hp kohler engine that i need help finding the starter for. The parts diagrams all list the starter but only give the part number for the non solinoid shift version where thats the one i need. Craftsman version Ps-sv735-0016
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    Intek single cylinder OHV question

    981022fd 121432 0124 E1 Its a 6hp on a tiller. I dont have the manual for this engine but i know someone here does! I need to see the proper specs for the compression cause either my gauge is lying to me or this thing runs at super low compression im getting like 65lb on my tester. It runs but...
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    2 stroke fuel lines

    So just thought id throw something out there to see what people purchase for their fuel line replacements. I started out when i was younger buying stuff off ebay with the little knowledge i had at the time i didnt know better. Cheap fuel lines lead to more replacement later. Almost always they...
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    Issues with pto (solved)

    Ok so to start with this i figured the pto switch was bad i took multi meter to it and was not getting complete connectivity through the prongs when pto would be engaged so i ordered a new one. I installed it and still didnt work so i went through checked all the safety switches and all were...