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    Anybody else busy?

    Yep, dragging the deck around again, finish mower.
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    ruined a blade

    Thats something to think about down the road with other trees, yep, that would solve the problem.
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    ruined a blade

    Good idea, Thanks !
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    ruined a blade

    Around 5 years ago, I cut 4 trees in the yard as close to the ground as I could. After weed trimming around them for years, was in a rush I suppose and thought I might try raising the deck, throttling down and easing over them. It worked, no tipping. I kept this up for a few mowings, then one...
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    massey 20-12 Mower UK

    That looks to be a garden or compact tractor, so a Massey Ferguson or AGCO dealer can help. Welcome to the forum from across the big pond.
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    Hibernation is about over.

    Gusty winds here, happens every year, three days/nights of it this go around. I never had to start mowing until April until the last 6-7 years, needed to start in March. Winters used to be longer and a lot more snow, but I am not complaining a bit, I like the milder weather.
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    Heads up fellows things are getting nasty.

    Yes, the Ezekiel prophesies and Revelation.
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    Husqvarna steering wheel

    Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered the larger wheel and adapter, about $55 shipped. I am thinking it will fit, will see. Somewhere in my garage I have a spinner, will try to find it.
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    New to me...

    First I have heard about it. For several years now I have used KTech synthetic blend 10W-30 in the newer small engines. High quality ?
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    Husqvarna steering wheel

    Mod-960430195 Ser-02116A005 197 Question on my YT46LS, the steering wheel is a kind of small making an hour mowing a bit difficult. I looked at a TS248XD today, larger steering wheel and a much more comfortable seat. I looked up the part number for the steering wheel for a TS248XD-, PN...
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    Found the neighbor kids baseball while mowing.

    Those croquet balls are the worst and dangerous if the blade hits it right.
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    Stihl tractor

    I did not know Andreas Stihl manufacturing made tractors at one time.
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    Craftsman chipper-shredder

    Model 247-795850 I recently bought this chipper for cheap that needs a few things to work. Of course, stored with stale fuel and small carb issue, no problem to fix, have the parts on the way. The owner did have the manual and the rest looked overall in good condition. I did hear it run and the...
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    The tires on my rider have the dry rot, they are Carlisle 20x10.00-8 2 ply. I would like a little more stability on banks, maybe a thicker sidewall would help a bit, so may go with a 4 ply. Suggestions, thanks.
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    Craftsman high wheel trimmer

    Model/serial- 536.7735016 Code- 9131055256 For the life of me, can't remember when I bought this trim mower new. Year model? just curious.
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    unseasonably warm in Va.

    Mid 60's today, grass is greening, the wild onions are up 8 inches or more.
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    How late in the year do you mow in your area?

    I thought that I may not have to mow my own yard anymore this season, although looking at it today it has gotten shaggy, so firing the mower up. Raising the deck up a notch. Live just west of the Blue Ridge.
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    Husqvarna RapidReplace blade system I did not look under the deck when I bought a YT46LS this year, found out later it had this system. I have taken the blades off one time so far and I was anything but rapid, actually the hardest part for me was getting the cap off. Maybe next time it...
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    Red Simplicity ?

    Simplicity manufactures some models of Massey Ferguson mowers. They look the same as the Simplicity line, other than paint and logo. So, the same components or no?
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    Fuel stabilzer

    Anyone use Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment in their small engines? It was recommended to me by a mower mechanic to stabilize the ethanol in todays gasoline. I've used it for several years and have had good results, even if the gas sets all winter in the cans.
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    Flooding this year

    Texas, then the West Virginia century flood and Louisiana again, along with several other states, tens of thousands of homes flooded or destroyed, lost businesses, dozens of deaths. Understood that some members have lost property or other and do not have internet access . For those that have...
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    Breaking it in

    I am not talking about engine break in, I'm sure there are several threads here about that. Bought a new mower in the spring [Husqvarna YT46LS] and after using it 1/2 an hour, found that it was not that comfortable. Also, it did not mow the yard as well on uneven ground as well as my 13 year...
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    Hot and dry here

    No rain in 10 days and mid 90's, my yard is quickly going from lush green to brown.
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    5 h.p. Tecumseh

    This engine is on a Craftsman push weed trimmer. I need a carb and Sears has them listed at $66. Was not wanting to spend that much on an old wheel trimmer, plus it needs some other parts. I see some cheaper carbs on ebay that are going by the LEV--- #. I looked and can not find that number on...
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    Why no gear transmissions?

    When I was looking at new riders everything was hydro. Not many models left out there with a stick. Understandably the hydro has its advantages with mowing speed and versatility, but probably would have bought a six shift if they had them in the larger deck models. Just something new to get used...
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    Craftsman DYT4000 seat switch

    Had a problem recently with the old craftsman. Last year when I engaged the blades there would be a delay before the PTO kicked in and sometimes would not engage at all. This year upon starting, after shifting the [manual] transmission and letting out the clutch, the engine would die. Someone...
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    Husqvarna YT46LS tires?

    I have a new Husqvarna, I like the mower but it rides kind of rough and I have a bad back. My yard may not be the smoothest but had no problem with a previous mower. I did let some air out of the back tires, did not help that much. Thought about getting wider rear rims and tires, 10" wide used...
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    Hello to all members

    Well, the short of it, I had been surfing the web, looking for some answers about mowers and came across this site. Pop-up came up on the screen for registration, so signed up. So NOW I can ask the exact questions I have. I spend a lot of time mowing so, glad to be here- deck~dragger