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  1. bkeller500

    First time Buyer

    I have seen too many bad reviews on Cub units. Even looking at them in a showroom I see weaknesses that turn me away. With simplicity exiting the game, that leaves JD as a better option. Anything less than the 300X series from JD is subject to wear issues but then again depending on your use on...
  2. bkeller500

    Z254 Front Wheel Bushing Replace or Upgrade?

    You got 10 years out of the bushings......I'd really consider just doing bushings again.
  3. bkeller500

    Walker R21 deck tensioner installed the R21 deck belt tension kit and off we go mowing Sept to Nov. Getting ready for spring 24 I notice deck belt wear ( cut). Messaging directly with Walker Service dept revealed the Tensioner was not installed properly by dealer. I was given some photo's and...
  4. bkeller500

    Looking for advice re: purchasing a reliable lawn tractor

    Now that Simplicity is stopping production that leaves us with Cub, MTD, JD, Husqvarna & Kubota tractors. In the $3K range I would most likely lean toward JD but not because of the motor but because of the rest of the machine and the mowing deck. $3K spread out over 4 seasons is $750 per season...
  5. bkeller500

    More aggressive tires on Zero-Turn, What tires do you run ?

    Rereading the post….. if your spinning tires only occurred when backing up, ease off the controls a bit.
  6. bkeller500

    More aggressive tires on Zero-Turn, What tires do you run ?

    3-point turns area best for a ZT same as a tractor. Any tight turns will most likely scar the turf eventually. Bar tires will certainly give you more traction going up a hill but will do very little if you travel sideways to stop any breakaways with a ZT. There are some more aggressive tire...
  7. bkeller500

    Zer turn or rider. Need advice and education

    I normally would recommend a Simplicity tractor because their decks have a rear roller that floats along the turf and raises and lowers the deck according to the terrain but with Simplicity halting production recently that may be a big gamble. A tractor will be best for hills where a ZT will...
  8. bkeller500

    Fastrak Cuts Like Garbage

    my guess is your ground is rough and at higher speeds the deck is bouncing up and down more than you realize. You say at half speed the cut is better which means the set-up may be OK.
  9. bkeller500

    Walker S-Series Stalls on the downhill

    Is it as simple as the seat switch? Going downhill operator weight shifts forward and possibly realizing the seat safety. Just a thought!
  10. bkeller500

    Are mulching blades about the same?

    not arguing here.....and I know the photo shows how it's marketed to reality it has to overcome blades that lift and cut, grass volume, an enclosed deck speed, gravity, blow out and moisture. I'm all in if it would work every time.
  11. bkeller500

    Are mulching blades about the same?

    I think the issue is as you stated the blades are spinning and lifting the grass ….. how are the clippings going to drop if the blades are lifting?
  12. bkeller500

    Are mulching blades about the same?

    it's difficult to understand how a mulching set-up actually can work properly. If you stick to the 1/3 rule and cut your grass when it's dry, would a mulched clipping decompose any quicker? How can a mulch deck be expected to lift the grass and cut it and recut it and distribute it evenly as it...
  13. bkeller500

    RZT 54 deck plugging

    check the owners manual if you have one but normally the front should be 1/4"-3/8" lower thena the rear. Measure at the blades not at the deck frame. Mowing at the highest setting may be long as you are cutting grass that isn't too long and chocking the air flow. It doesn't...
  14. bkeller500

    RZT 54 deck plugging

    are you mowing wet or damp grass? Is your grass very tall when you mow? Are you following the 1/3rd rule? Are you blades sharp? Level? pitched correctly? are yo mowing at full throttle? You can try to scrape the deck then apply a coating of ceramic won't last very long but it will...
  15. bkeller500

    Ikon xd 52 wheels / tire upgrade

    I've given some thought to a more aggressive tire for my Walker mower to replace the Turf-Saver style it came with because of a couple spots on my berm where they tend to slip. But reading post like this one I noticed some guys reported the gains by a tire with bar-type or a more aggressive...
  16. bkeller500

    Mulching blades that can still actually lift grass?

    If you are cutting tall grass down to normal height....mulching may not be the way to go. If you are cutting by the 1/3 rule then mulching is a option. Then the question is.... will mulched grass decompose any faster than side discharged grass. As far as Fall leaf cleanup goes mulching is...
  17. bkeller500

    Mulching blades that can still actually lift grass?

    I suppose your HOC could make a difference on the blowout of the leaves as well. My leaves are starting to fall and it's time to think about the chute blocker. I made one from some sheet aluminum I bought at HD. Two wing nuts and it's on/off!... You are right about the 3-chambers . Still I...
  18. bkeller500

    Mower decks Preventative rust protection

    I happened to be at Harbot Freight the other day and caught a sale on Maguires ceramic wax after seeing your post. I have tried most of the other suggestions like fluid film and none impressed me but the ceramic wax actually did work......that is there was very little build up, very little...
  19. bkeller500

    Mulching blades that can still actually lift grass?

    I created a chute blocker for mulching leaves. No mulching blades just the OEM Simplicity blades. Mulching grass just seems a waste of effort. Most often the decks get clogged and you have to scrape them out thus the benefit of mulching is compromised. Mulching leaves is a bit more effective...
  20. bkeller500

    Ryobi 80 volt zero turn

    If you want the inner wheel to reverse then pull the right control back slightly. A lot of guys made the same error and regretted making the move to a ZT. …. Me included. I can manage it but a ZT is not for everyone.
  21. bkeller500

    1S 1500Z stalls

    You probably have this figured out by now but I would download the owners manual and look at the electrical chart. Take it back to factory settings.........reconnect all the safety switches and connectors to factory design. Do not bypass anything. And go from there.
  22. bkeller500

    jack kit for Ferris

    I bought a MoJack hydraulic lift for my Simplicity Courier XT Zero Turn. It works quite well and allows me to scoot under to scrape the deck and change blades safely. The MoJack lift has built in safety notches that click in just in case the valve leaks or is not tightened fully. When I looked...
  23. bkeller500

    Ryobi 80 volt zero turn

    Which wheel is skidding? Are you turning too fast? Are you doing a 3-point turn? In general ZT's will create a lawn scar if you don't slow down and make a wide or 3-point turn. Spinning quickly on a 180 degree turn is going to leave a twist scar from the inside tire. Especially if the grass is...
  24. bkeller500

    Chute cover/blocker/lifter for Simplicity Courier?

    ON my 2020 Simplicity courier XT. 52" discharge chute is rubber. Perhaps there are options from other models for the 48" decks. Could be difference from stamped deck vs fabricated deck. I was not able to find a chute blocker for my unit so I made one from a piece of aluminum from Home...
  25. bkeller500

    Briggs & Stratton discontinues all Snapper & Simplicity tractors & zero turns - 9/8/2023

    This is very disappointing ( but somewhat expected) news for all of us Simplicity owners. One by one each of us will need to consider making a new investment as parts become unavailable. The stability of Ferris is now suspect also as a Go-To and the new relationship with Stihl is probably...
  26. bkeller500


    are you sure you are looking at th win-line filter? Could it a vent?
  27. bkeller500

    Walker R21 deck tensioner

    Has anyone replaced the deck belt tensioner on a Walker R21? New unit broke deck belt 15 hours.. Walker support recommended a new style deck belt tensioner ( under warranty) but photos included on instructions are not the greatest and I need photos or a video of a unit that has the new style...
  28. bkeller500

    Ferris 500s or Bad Boy Maverick, which is best for my farm?

    I have a Simplicity Courier XT which is a clone of the Ferris 500 or 600 ( not exactly sure) and it is a beast. The mower runs well, is solid and EZ to maintain. The deck is EZ to level and rarely needs adjustment. Traction is good on my berm and on my culvert. I only maintain 1-acre but I...
  29. bkeller500

    Least bumpy ride

    Simplicity and Ferris ( both owned by Briggs) both have units with suspensions. You can adjust them to 5-different levels from a stiffer ride to a softer ride. I had a X590 that I loved but had to eventually trade it for a softer ride. The suspension makes a big difference. A suspension seat...
  30. bkeller500

    Walker R21tension arm

    Has anyone had any experience with a retrofit deck belt tension arm? I broke a belt an a new R21 ( 25 house) and Walker Service Dept suggested there is factory replacement deck tensioning arm kit. Has anyone done this? Was it self installed?
  31. bkeller500

    Long-time self-propelled mower user looking for first riding mower

    for a 1/3 acre property....most any riding mower will be fine. From a dealer or big Box store doesn't matter. Even the entry level models will give you 5-8 years with no problem. If you wear out a cheap another one. What it more important is the quality of cut from the deck. If you...
  32. bkeller500

    22 Broadmoor Deck Roller Questions

    That's the best explanation on the simplicity deck roller I've seen. Now I understand better what I was fighting. I have had 2 different simplicity tractors and 2 simplicity zero turns and each had different deck roller configurations. And each had some great benefits and each had some...
  33. bkeller500

    Simplicity Courrier/25 HP B&S, ZT-turned mower off and won't start.

    disconnect and reconnect the cable connections. double check the switch connections. you may have lost a good connection to one of the safety switches. battery post terminal loose?
  34. bkeller500

    22 Broadmoor Deck Roller Questions

    FWIW....I have a Simplicity courier XT with the stripping roller. The roller on my unit has 4-bolts connecting it to the deck and 4 holes in the deck brackets. I can raise or lower mine a couple of inches. None of the settings are perfect for my liking. It tends to be little too high or a...
  35. bkeller500

    simplicity 2050 zero turn mower 1694455 rusted deck

    several 50" Simplicity decks listed on Facebook marketplace.....
  36. bkeller500

    2021 Simplicity Courier XT

    The Courier XT has been an awesome mower. It cuts fast, level and spreads the discharge evenly. The deck is a little time consuming to remove so I bought a MowJack lift to help with deck scraping and blade sharpening. This is a good rig all around. Full disclosure…. I am selling it ( 190...
  37. bkeller500

    WOW! A guy who refuses a FREE mower servicing

    life can be full of odd twists and turns. Be comfortable in your own skin and always be willing to lift someone up. Making their day makes your day! If they are not ready for ready!
  38. bkeller500

    WOW! A guy who refuses a FREE mower servicing

    Some guys just won't accept the fact that other guys know something they don't. They would rather pay for advice from a stranger than accept free advise from a friend, neighbor or relative. Don't let it bother you. You did a generous thing by making a polite offer. It could be a EGO thing or...
  39. bkeller500

    Mojack 500 vs. Mojack 550

    I have the MoJack 550 to lift my Simplicity ZT and it works great. But if I was to do it again, I would consider a screw driven lift vs the hydraulic pump style. It takes a lot of pumping strokes to get the full lift. With a screw drive model, you can use a electric drill to turn the screw...
  40. bkeller500

    which combination????

    My guess is the Gator blades will have a higher lift than mulching blades. With the plug in, you may end up with too much lift and too many clipping suspended under the deck and chocking the flow. Lifting all the cut grass is great, but where is it going to go? With the additional lift you...
  41. bkeller500

    Is electric the way to go now?

    The challenge with a lot of the battery powered equipment is not with the equipment but more often with the batteries. I have had several battery powered tools become useless as their batteries and/or chargers died. Monitoring a couple of other forums, I have noticed this is a complaint of...
  42. bkeller500

    New Cheetah II Owner question

    Is it possible there is a twist in the deck belt(s)? Or they are not tracking properly?
  43. bkeller500

    Any OEM or aftermarket chute covers/blocker to fit 2017 Simplicity Broadmoor 44" deck?

    FWIW....I just went to Home Depot and purchase a small piece of aluminum and bent it and attach it with 2-wing nuts. I drilled two holes in the deck and added two bolts and L-brackets for support. And I install it for the initial trim lap around the flower beds and pop it off for the...
  44. bkeller500

    Walker R21purchase

    hlw49....I appreciate your response and are with you on why. I had looked at the Cub Zt's with steering several years ago but was not convinced the system would hold up ( it was new back then). It makes sense to migrate to a steering wheel but the Cub units I have seen look like they have...
  45. bkeller500

    Walker R21purchase

    I have 1-acre, mostly flat but a long berm on one side. My current ZT will climb the berm with no issues. The problem is traversing the berm sideways or coming down at a slant, It tends to want to break away and sometimes does. My question is would a Walker R21 be better and hold the berm...
  46. bkeller500

    All American blade sharpener

    I wonder where all the Nike shoes on eBay came from.
  47. bkeller500

    All American blade sharpener

    For a homeowner, dressing a blade on a small bench grinder is not that difficult and it puts a nice edge on the blades. Never had a problem. Use a cheap balancer and your good. There are certainly better ways to sharpen blades and they may be more precise but not really necessary if your careful.
  48. bkeller500

    Simplicity Prestige vs Conquest

    FWIW.....The Conquest also has the power lift via a electric lift motor.
  49. bkeller500

    Is a Simlicity Regent as reliable as John Deere?

    Simplicity has a better deck IMHO. Depending on usage needs as long as you don't abuse it, you will be fine. The wear on the Regent will be similar to the S240 as they are both entry level models. To me it's all about the quality of the cut and Simplicity ranks higher on my list. Replace a few...
  50. bkeller500

    Small Quite Air Compressors

    California Air Tools makes several models that are very quiet. I have one of their small units for similar use and it is very reliable and very quiet.