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  1. Its Me

    Echo trimmer string always running back into head

    that thing has been dead for a while, looks like he has spent more time eating cement than eating grass and another thing, run the machine wide open this extends the trimmer string in the straightest position, that way the end of the string is cutting not the curved part, if the line glues...
  2. Its Me

    PTO/Clutch Issue

    Tell your friend not to cut all the way to the roots of the grass, slow the froward speed down, that will lengthen the life of the clutch, they get to hot, slip, both of those build up head and then the problems start showing up, that clutch should last many years if used as designed.
  3. Its Me

    Unusual battery issue

    Donb108: I seen where someone stated that they had never seen a Positive to ground, well that was the only way that the older farm equipment, cars, trucks and lawnmowers worked, that is when they used Generators, on the mowers it was a starter and generator that was a one-piece unit, I still...
  4. Its Me

    Unusual battery issue

  5. Its Me

    What jump starters for zero turn mowers your using.

    I got a jump starter from Harbor Freight, I think it is the 650, any how these work well when I go to pick up a mower to work on I bring it and has enough power to also operate the winch to pull the mowers up, they have lasted me about 3 years, I am pleased with that, watch you can get them...
  6. Its Me

    Fastrak Cuts Like Garbage

    Moparjoe499, not being mean when I say this, is it the mower or is it you asking it something that it cannot do, meaning, is the field rough, wet, tall grass, cutting at a high speed, deck all the way to the ground, I have a repair shop and see these thing that will give all the mower a bad rap...
  7. Its Me

    Kohler sever back firing

    Rivets, I had done that the first time, with the poor results that I spoke of, I removed the heads, and the valves I was shocked at the amount of wear on the valve faces, I have a Sioux valve grinding machine and seat cutters, but if the valves are ground, they will have a very sharp edge, looks...
  8. Its Me

    Kohler sever back firing

    got a Kubota that come in for repairs, the fellow said that it started back firing and died and who not start, removed the plugs, checked for stark, good, checked valve clearance, terribly off, set them, started the engine ran for about 30 seconds, backfire, died, checked the valves again, way...
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    YTH2448 won’t move

    Triton192, that little shaft that you speak of on the right side of the transmission is the break, if it has been setting in the weather, or washed they sometimes get stuck but if your is turning you should be good, to make sure that the little buttons on it are not stuck give it a little spray...
  10. Its Me

    Briggs and Stratton 5 hp (Model 130902) Jet Pulse carburetor problems... Any ideas?

    balooba, I had one many years ago that was giving me much same problems that you are having, it would run farily good but when you moved it just the slightest bit it would start running terrible, similar to flooding, what I found was that they person that owned it had removed the rubber bushing...
  11. Its Me

    Husqvarna Transaxle 532448354

    Been repairing mowers about 60 years now never thought that I would see mowers sold and discarded only after a season or two, my home repair shop is very busy, two reasons the mower shops over here charge one hundred an hour, charge one hundred fifty to trouble shoot it and if you decide to fix...
  12. Its Me

    Spindle bearings

    good for you, that mower can't hang in there compared to a Scag, Joe
  13. Its Me

    What are the oil filters made of? GOLD

    waynehughes, I have been repairing mower for many years, never seen the thievery from Lawnmower shop and dealers like I see now, the American business as a whole are robbing the working people, many of them have cut back on the number of employees, cut hours or low hourly pay but get ten times...
  14. Its Me

    Briggs and Stratton 5 hp (Model 130902) Jet Pulse carburetor problems... Any ideas?

    balooba, worked on them for years they are the best carburetor and are trouble free most of the time, just clean it and, pull the main jet them took inside where the jet come from and remove the insert ,it is brass the, the rubber pulses and picks up gas through the long up the gas in puts it...
  15. Its Me

    Spindle bearings

    Tiger Small Engine, I changed out recently but am going to rebuild it, it had 1,700 hours on it, have a local mower shop that gives me several when they change out ones for customers, I have found out that if I put the spacer sleave in the Lathe and machine sixty thousands off the spacer the...
  16. Its Me

    LGT2645- Wiring

    That is probably the head lights wiriing,
  17. Its Me

    Mower blades not turning

    POPs 52, start with the basics, put the key in the one position, all safety switches in the correct position, with the motor not running, pull up on the electric clutch, should hear a snap, if not the wire may have been pulled out of the clutch or not even connected, burnt fuse ,or a bad PTO...
  18. Its Me

    John Deere D125 won't move forwards or in reverse, moves by hand whether bypass rod pushed in or out

    Well it seems to be that I was not able to find a Metal Idler of that size, one is a "V" and the other a "flat back", if your going to leave the mower running when you are not cutting grass lock the clutch down, that will keep them from spinning, that is a poor design, if the would have put the...
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    John Deere D125 won't move forwards or in reverse, moves by hand whether bypass rod pushed in or out

    There is no preventive maintenance, for a plastic pulley, I was not able to match the ones I replaced with a metal pulley, to get the same sixe, all you can do is lock the clutch pedal down when not in use that would keep some pressure off of it, if you going to change the belt your self, you...
  20. Its Me

    John Deere D125 won't move forwards or in reverse, moves by hand whether bypass rod pushed in or out

    I just fixed one that had the same symptoms, found that the Idler pullies and the drive belt to the transmission were the problem, the plastic pullies were melted, he went to John Deere they wanted 2,100.00 to fix it, I charged him 800.00 but changed those items, changed the bearings on both...
  21. Its Me

    B & S 450E weedeater push mower. Changed plug, still no spark

    If you have done all that they have suggested which were all correct, remove the coil, sand or file the two bosses that stick up on the engine and the coil where it connects to them, re set the gap and use a screwdriver inserted into where the plug goes hole it close to the frame to see if it...
  22. Its Me

    Your favorite, most dependable tachometer

    PTmowerMec, the first one I bought was sold my Briggs & Stratton and don't remember where I bought the second one which was right behind the other one, had to have two, I am sure you are possible the same a backup, it was plastic think it might break so two is better, I was wrong, still got both...
  23. Its Me

    Carb for a 2008 Scag Turf Tiger 27Hp Kawasaki

    Dave is it a fuel injection system.
  24. Its Me

    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    I have not considered pickup and delivery but might be I can get the prices I read here, I finished one today John Deere D140, I charged the fellow 700.00 l parts and labor transmission belt and Idlers, Idlers on the deck and that belt, sharpen the blades and changed the bearing in one spindle...
  25. Its Me

    Need a front end spreader for my toro 42inch timecutter, need advicewhere to find it, homeowner.

    if you can get some measurements and a pic of one, besides the repair shop i have a machine shop i can make you one, consider, Joe
  26. Its Me

    It's Offical. Briggs files Chapter 11.

    There problem started way back, I had a mower shop opened in 1980, soon after that they decided to put cheaper base gaskets on the 11HP and it would blow out at the camshaft area, well between Briggs and the local distributor they decided to lie and tell us dealers that they customer run it with...
  27. Its Me

    toro lawn mower deck assembly #112-8850

    what size deck is it
  28. Its Me

    Need a front end spreader for my toro 42inch timecutter, need advicewhere to find it, homeowner.

    Its not aviable, sure won't get it at the box store, what does it look like, Joe
  29. Its Me

    uneven cut

    with all that information you gave its might be a little hard to give you a suggestion, like it was cutting great then all of the sudden started cutting uneven, right side low, left side low, just one spindle, I hit a root, rock, fell off the drive way, how about what happen before it started...
  30. Its Me

    Local Mower Repair Shops

    bertsmobile1, StarTech, you both got it right, I had a shop many years ago, remember when Dynamart Lawnmower company made a deal that they would only sell to Sears, well the next year Murry won the bid with sears Dynamart went out of business, and the low class buyer that buys at the chain...
  31. Its Me

    mower salvage yards in houston

    Well look at it as a the owner would see it, he don't pay them to take things apart and sell them for personal gain, they should be doing his work if there is money to be made it should be the owner, the employee is getting paid, I have a 16' trailer full of mowers that is going to the scrap...
  32. Its Me

    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    I read the answers guess it is the same everywhere and those dumb asses keep breading, do a lot of repairs at home, fellow came with a Diesel riding mower, real nice, I said let's save you some money, don't lie to me and tell me what it did the last time you used it, he was pissed a Kubota, I...
  33. Its Me

    mower salvage yards in houston

    I would be surprised if you find one, the scrap yards are not like they were years ago, they would let you look around, don't care what you wanted it would show up I started going to one and he got to where he would set the mowers aside, sometimes they were just out of gas, flat tire, I sold...
  34. Its Me

    D105 Belt slipping?

    deal with those idlers and on the spindle shafts you can change the bearing don't have to remove them from the deck the bolts will probably break off in the housing, if you don't deal with that you will be out another belt and then have idler and spindle problems, if you can hear that noise at...
  35. Its Me

    D105 Belt slipping?

    do you have the right belts, remove them, spin each Idler to see if they growl and the same with the spindle bearings, start simple if you say that the motor runs good if not sure that would be the time to test the engine to see how it runs.
  36. Its Me

    PTO clutch won't disengage! Help

    get to your PTO switch, start the mower then pull the pig tail off the PTO switch, see if that kills stops the clutch, I have removed a lot of them and even replaced several, that is my first to hear of that, let us know, Joe
  37. Its Me

    Toro 11-32 blade clutch

    I had a Lawn sales and service shop years ago, the Toro 11-32 Rear Engine Rider was the biggest seller, that was a fine quality mower, there was an I Idler from the engine to the mower deck, when you would lift up on that flat strap and put it in the upper notch it was in the grass cutting...
  38. Its Me

    Toro 11-32 blade clutch

    I that an older mower, I will have two of them they had a lever just below the steering wheel that you pulled up to engage the blade so yours had an electric clutch.
  39. Its Me

    Mower dies when hot

    is it new model say in the last two years.
  40. Its Me

    MTD Yardwork mower kick back , is flywheel key damaged ?

    put a blade on it and a flywheel key, tighten the flywheel not tight I mean tight, you have enough in the key way for it to work, that would cost less than a new mower, like slomo said do a walk around, I remember that as a kid the old folks make you walk the yard first, that is when they called...
  41. Its Me

    Toro wheel horse

    you can do it, don't give up or give in.
  42. Its Me

    MTD Yardwork mower kick back , is flywheel key damaged ?

    Something was hit, blade should be bent or a good size nick unless it was a tree root, that leave not show of contact on the blade, I would say bent crankshaft, I made a unit to fix them in the engine that was 50 years ago and got the pattern from an old lawnmower shade mechanic, really he...
  43. Its Me

    Toro wheel horse

    just finished one, remove the deck, steering rods for the fan gear (the one with all the teeth, remove the nut then pull the column, why are you changing it assuming the small gear is out could be the busing, one at the bottom and one at the top if I remember correctly, when you put it back in...
  44. Its Me

    Husqvarna Backpack Blower Problem-Help!

    did you put one of those Chinese carburetor, they are crap, loosen the fuel cap, you might not think that it is pressured up but you would not hear it if it was, if you have the originally Carb. put a kit.
  45. Its Me

    4.75HP B&S Craftsman “missing”? Help! [video]

    sounds ok, now cut the grass, if you ever have to take the coil off again, sand the two bosses that stick up from the block, it grounds on the surface area not the threads.
  46. Its Me

    Surging Briggs and Stratton Engine

    you can get the carb. at a mower shop but you can save money with that Chinese crap that don't work, they have not figured out how to make a high speed jet, I seen on the video that you choke it slightly so problem solved, did you try it under a load to see if it will level out, when you done...
  47. Its Me

    Ariens EZR 1742 Z-turn Electrical Issues

    Start with all the ground connections from the batter to the frame, solenoid ground, check safety switch seal and handles to make sure current if flowing through them, if that does not turn the engine, replace the solenoid, I have taken them apart sanded the contacts and resealed them with good...
  48. Its Me

    Best Zero Turn Mower Brands

    Old & Slow, that is the best one to buy where you can get service after the sale, parts will be needed and if you cannot do the mechanic work they can, way better than the box stores, support you local business, good for you now you should be mowing tomorrow on it, Joe
  49. Its Me

    Kawasaki FD750D

    I have three Turf Tigers, one just like that with the D-1 engine, that is a piece of S _ _ _, it was good for about 500 hours then stated getting water in one cylinder, removed the head and put if on the milling machine, took a .005 cut and found a casting problem just on the outside of the...
  50. Its Me


    12 PSI on those tires, stay out of wet grass if at all possible, hard on the mower and grass cut don't look good, bought a used Turf Tiger Scag with the tractor tires on the rear, rides terrible, will check grass on turns if not very careful, don't like them at all., Joe